Final Fantasy XV March Update Trailer Previews Chapter 13: Verse 2
Final Fantasy XV March 2017 Update

Square Enix is prepping for the big roll out of new content for Final Fantasy XV on PS4 and Xbox One. The March update will contain the highly awaited redo of Chapter 13 called “Verse 2”.

The trailer for the new content is only two minutes long, featuring a brief snippet of the overhauled chapter that will supposedly make thins slightly more palatable for people who had a bit of trouble sneaking through the area. You can check it out below.

The trailer gives us a look at Gladiolus trekking through the Zegnautus Keep, as well as a brief hint at the fate that befell Ravus and the Emperor… or rather, how their fate unfolded. In the original game players only happen upon Ravus’ dead body in a pit with the other MTs, his arm dismembered and the sword of King Regis stuck in the ground. It appears as if we’ll get to see exactly how all of that came to be.

The trailer also gives us a brief look at Noctis’ new and more powerful abilities to use the ring to dispose of the daemons.

Another new feature is being able to utilize the verticality of Final Fantasy XV, something that was blocked in the original vanilla game.

The update will be accompanied by the Gladiolus episode that will detail what he was doing when he took off from the party before they departed to Altissia. This will also showcase how he acquired the scars on his face.

The overhaul to Chapter 13: Verse 2 will go live on March 27th on Monday while the Episode Gladiolus DLC will be made available on March 28th on Tuesday. A double whammy.

Final Fantasy XV is available right now for PS4 and Xbox One. For more info be sure to check out the official Final Fantasy XV website.

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