Final Fantasy XV Nvidia GTX 1080 Ti Demo Teases PC Release

Final Fantasy XV PC GDC Demo

During this year’s GDC, Hajime Tabata, the director for Final Fantasy XV, demonstrated the game running on a PC using Nvidia’s GTX 1080 Ti.

The reel for the presentation was uploaded into a quick two and a half minute video to give gamers a  look at the design process to utilize the tech so that the Luminous Engine was able to run decently enough on home consoles. It goes through a quick summary of the process the tech behind the game and how in 2017 they’re working with Nvidia to push Luminous beyond. You can check it out below courtesy of PS360HD.

What’s interesting is that they start at 2013 where Final Fantasy XV took a different turn from what they were working on previously, and they follow development – including the lighting engine, the adaptive animations, the world construction and the character modeling – from 2013 all the up to 2016.

Now this is where the video should have stopped. Final Fantasy XV released in November of 2016 for the Xbox One and PS4. Yet the video doesn’t stop there… it keeps going.

They venture into 2017… clearly past the release of the game. Not only that, but they talk about partnering with Nvidia, and showcase a demonstration of the Luminous running on the GTX 1080 Ti… for PC.

Not only that, but they reveal that Final Fantasy XV has keyboard and mouse support implemented, as demonstrated with an off-road version of the Regalia being operated with keyboard and mouse controls.

They showcase global illumination through the Luminous runtime on PC, as well as terrain generation and adaptive terrain physics that bends, sways and impresses based on character movements.

Most impressive is the volumetric particle based smoke, fire and liquid rendering, something that was demonstrated through the Luminous many years ago with Agnis Philosophy.

I’m not sure why Square is planning exactly, but they seem to have big plans for the Luminous in 2017 and beyond… and it obviously involves Final Fantasy XV. The most common sense thing to glean out of this is a PC port, but until Square makes it official, we just have a demo to go by.

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