Flatout 4 Still Struggles To Captivate Fans With Latest Trailer
Flatout 4

PQube Games have been releasing trailers for Flatout 4 leading up to the game’s March 17th release on PS4 and Xbox One. The title aims to rekindle the car combat genre with all new modes, maps and vehicles, drawing a lot of inspiration from Twisted Metal. Even still, the community following the game just don’t seem to be all that thrilled with what they’ve seen so far.

PQube and Kylotonn Racing Games let loose the latest trailer ahead of the March 17th release, and you can check out the 51 second promo piece below.

Outside of the trailers there’s not a whole lot of chatter centered around Flatout 4. The Gamefaqs boards are practically empty, and there are some cautiously optimistic remarks about the title over on the Reddit page. A lot of the PS4 gamers are hoping it will fill in for the lack of MotorStorm games on the PlayStation 4. Others are a bit disappointed that the physics and damage models don’t seem to be quite up to par to what they were in the original Flatout.

Over on YouTube, however, they aren’t pulling any punches.

The comments aren’t quite as harsh as they were on the first trailer, but there’s still a lot of apprehension about Flatout 4.

On the plus side, the general consensus across gaming communities appears to be that they’re waiting and hoping that Flatout 4 is similar to the first two games, and the community actually wants the game to be good. One of the most upvoted comments in the Reddit thread is from TheOnlyTruthfulGamer, who truthfully wrote…

“I really want this to be good but don’t have much confidence in it being good. Definitely waiting for reviews on this one.”

I put in a lot of hours in the Flatout series, so I’m hoping they do this newest game justice on the home consoles and PC.

The console version will be available starting March 17th and the PC version for Flatout 4 will launch on PC this upcoming April.

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