Free PS Plus Games Revealed For April 2017; Gamers Are Disappointed With The Lineup
(Last Updated On: March 29, 2017)

If you are a subscribing member for Sony’s Playstation Plus membership, then you will have the honor of getting a few free games sent to you as a perk for being part of the subscription.

Sony has released a short trailer video to showcase the game lineup for April 2017, and members of the PS Plus subscription service aren’t very happy with this month’s games. Current subscribers for the Playstation Plus service will be getting the wacky, third-person action shooter Drawn To Death, as well as the 4-Player Co-op Space Shooter, Lovers In A Dangerous Spacetime. Take a look at the video linked down below.

A few people seemed quite happy with the two free games, saying that they played the beta for Drawn To Death and they really enjoyed it, so getting it for free was a perk for them. And for those who like four-player co-op arcade shooters, Lovers In A Dangerous Spacetime was a fun little game to pass the time among friends and family.

However… other gamers across the internet shared their disdain at the lineup,  some going as far as saying the game Drawn To Death is garbage, or how the $10 increase for PS Plus Isn’t worth the money. Lovers In A Dangerous Spacetime didn’t get much love among gamers, but oddly enough, it didn’t get much hate either. It pretty much boils down to a throwaway game that no one really asked for, nor wanted for free.



The trailer video that showcases the free games for the April 2017 Playstation Plus games is currently sitting at about 8,700 dislikes and rapidly counting, with only 1,700 Likes. I think it is safe to say that people really dislike this lineup.

Are you a Playstation Plus subscriber? What are your thoughts about Sony’s recent decisions for the free games and the price increase? Comment below and share your thoughts.

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  • AlecJ

    PS+ has given games i had already bought almost every month since like Oct. It seems like 1 game is an old indie they sold for $5 at some point and i picked up, and the other is a throw away that i will never touch like “Disc Jam” or “Starwhal” or the legendary “Lumo”

    Now there have been a few exceptions like “Transformers Devastation” and “Little Big Planet 3″….but they are definitely the exceptions and not the rule.

    Im not real happy with the price increase considering its competition. I get 4 games a month from XBox and they have been cheaper since I joined Gold last fall….i think.

    Put it this way, i used to pick up PS+ whenever it when on sale and keep my membership paid ahead sometimes out over 2 years…..I havent extended since the price increase and Im not sure i will.

    The truth is, they kind of have you by the sack because everything requires online play these days, but im seriously considering other options.

    I think Sony has regressed back into PS3 state of mind since its been winning this console generation. What started this generation as a big focus on games and players has gone back to “out of touch” Sony. They may be resting on their lead a bit.

    I guess we will see how the coming months go.

    I have no idea about “Drawn to Death”– I havent played it or really care much about it, TBH. Ill probably try it….meh.

    Thats my story.

    • It’s a good story, and one I see echoing throughout the PlayStation community.

      I don’t play console games online much anymore so I don’t have any problems missing out on PS Plus. PC gaming is my jam these days.

      Also, with the Switch looking to surpass the Wii’s momentum, Sony may not be in the lead too much longer this gen. Nintendo is expecting 20 mil through fiscal 2017, so if they manage to catch up, Sony can no longer keep throwing out trash games and overcharging for multiplayer.

  • daniel_ream

    I have to admit, the only reason I re-upped my sub was not to lose access to all the games I haven’t finished playing yet.

  • Gozu Tennoh

    March’s line up for japan is very good. Ours is very bad and next months offering looks like more of the same.