FZ9: Timeshift, Bullet-Time FPS Brings Back Hardcore Action Shooting
FZ9 Timeshift

How sad is it that the only real hardcore, over-the-top, bullet-time laden shooter to come out in recent times is relegated to mobile devices because console developers are too busy trying to push sociopolitical agendas down the throats of gamers? Well that’s exactly how it is given that Hiker Games’ FZ9: Timeshift has recently launched for iOS and Android devices, featuring over-the-top first-person action, unbridled gore and tons of bullet-time headshots.

FZ9: Timeshift is the sort of shooter one would have expected to come out during 2003 or 2004 for the OG Xbox or PS2, with games like Timesplitters, Breakdown and Black. This isn’t a knock against the game, it’s telling that the title hearkens back to the age of the older sixth-gen shooters where fun and unadulterated action were the name of the game.

You can see what the combat in the game looks like with the gameplay trailer below.

I have to admit, when I receive press releases for mobile games they’re usually put at the bottom of the news queue. It’s not a knock against mobile gaming, it’s a knock against the quality of a lot of mobile games. However, after watching the trailer for FZ9: Timeshift, it was pretty obvious this game at least deserved a mention on the site.

A lot of hardcore gamers may not be into mobile gaming, but FZ9: Timeshift doesn’t look like a bad way to burn a few minutes.

Players take on the role of Mak, a government agent tasked with rescuing himself from a terror organization while wielding time powers that can slow down time.

The plot is basically just there to move the action along, and that’s exactly what the developers wanted. According to Phuong Truong Duc, the product leader at Hiker Games, he mentioned in the press release…

“Mobile shooters have always been a challenge due to touch controls. The team was aware of that, so we spent extra development time making sure that aiming and shooting in FZ9: Timeshift were not only intuitive, but also ridiculously fun. FZ9: Timeshift makes a strong case for first-person shooters on mobile. We do it by leveraging polished FPS mechanics on top of incredible visuals.”

The game doesn’t look bad, not at all.

FZ9: Timeshift features bullet-time, 30 missions, a large cache of weapons to use, and upgrades.

You can grab a digital copy of FZ9: Timeshift right now from over on the Google Play store or the iTunes App Store.


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