GameMaker Studio 2 Lets You Make Your Own Games For $99.99
GameMaker Studio 2.0

YoYo Games announced that their game resource creation tool that allows you to make games for PC, mobile devices and soon for PS4 and Xbox One, called GameMaker Studio 2, has officially launched for PC.

The utility is available starting at $99.99 over on the official YoYo Games website. You can purchase the higher end versions of the software to gain access to more platforms. You can actually download a trial version right now to test it out on Windows, and if you like what you see, you can get the base version for Windows, Mac or Linux.

James Cox, the general manager at YoYo Games explained that they’ve basically taken everything from the first GameMaker Studio and upgraded it for the sequel, saying in the press release…

“GameMaker Studio 2 takes all the best features of the previous version and elevates game development for all levels by simplifying the process and allowing creators to focus on making fun and engaging games that can quickly come to market,”

It’s not all fluff either, they really do have seamless workflow environments that allow users to make use of multiple editors to build characters, graphics, assets and code, as well as utilize cross-platform source level debugging to find errors or clean up the code on the fly.

You can also utilize more complex level editing tools within GameMaker Studio 2, so you can design parallax layers, tiles, instant assets and paths.

The DnD (drag and drop) object structure also makes a return, so you can easily drag and drop functions into your program’s workflow and actually allow it to create code on the fly. You can also edit it, modify it and morph it into whatever you need for your game. There’s a quick little video showing off what you can use GameMake Studio 2 for when it comes to making a game.

While home console support is still a ways off, hopefully they’re averse to adding in the ability to compile games for the Nintendo Switch. That would be a real big selling point right there.

Many of the top indie games that came out within the past couple of years – and those due for release within the next few years – have been made with the original GameMaker Studio, including games like Death’s Gambit and Hyperlight Drifter to name a few. If you’re curious about the design tool and would like to learn more, feel free to visit the official YoYo Games website.

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