Gran Turismo Sport Shows New Beta Test Videos and Realistic Graphics

Developers Polyphony Digital is gearing up to release their newest racing title Gran Turismo Sport, which is planned to be released later this year, but for now, they are doing a closed beta test to iron out kinks and squash some bugs.

YouTuber GiantSouls was apparently selected to participate in the beta, and he has been uploading a series of replay videos to show off the graphics for the new Gran Turismo Sport game. GiantSouls seems to be playing on a standard PS4 and not the newer Pro version, but even so, the graphics, the environments, and the sound effects are quite impressive.

The sound is crisp and clear, you can hear the roar of the engines and the shift in gears, and depending on the camera angle, you can hear the iconic sound as the cars zoom by at high speeds. I bet this game would sound amazing with a surround sound audio system. According to this NeoGaf forum, every car in the game was built from the ground up to give a higher quality for the cars function and design, as well as newer sound effects so that all the cars in game will have a “premium” level of detail.

The cars almost look photo realistic in the below gameplay and replay videos for Gran Turismo Sport, and you can really see how much detail they put into each car. There are also a few videos on GiantSouls’ channel that showcases what the first person interior of the cars look like. But enough with the words, take a look at the intro trailer and the replay videos to see for yourself.

I really like the last video the most because you can see the light reflections and hear all the cars on the road which gives a far more realistic experience. The first person view however, could still use a bit of work in my opinion.

What are your thoughts? Are you impressed with the graphics and audio quality for the closed beta or were you expecting to see something better? Make sure to comment below and share your thoughts.


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