Granblue Fantasy Project Re: Link Screenshots Showcase Characters

Cygames and Platinum Games latest project is set for release in 2018; it’s called Granblue Fantasy Project Re: Link, which was recently shown off in a live stream video by NicoNico. As of recent, some new screenshots surfaced showing the game and its characters.

A year ago during August we covered Cygames and Platinum Games’ Granblue Fantasy Project Re: Link. The action RPG received a trailer back then showing what gamers would be able to do in the magical realm of Link. If you forgot how the game looks and wish to see the old trailer, CygamesChannel has a video for you to look over.

According to Gematsu, who caught Granblue Fantasy Project Re: Link live stream, the site posted up six new images showing the characters that will be in the game. The characters showcased during the live stream event by NicoNico includes Charlotta, Lancelot, Metera and Percival.

You can check out all six screenshots showing the named characters that will be in Granblue Fantasy Project Re: Link.

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As of now, there isn’t that much information surrounding this game, so there’s no details on a specific release date. According to Platinum Games’ official website we see that there is no Western release either, at the moment…

“Information on this page only applies to Japan. No official announcement has been made regarding Western releases of this title.”

The only thing that is known about Link’s release is that it will be for PS4. However, I’m sure future updates and trailers will come out sometime soon, meaning that we’ll have to wait for additional news regarding the action-adventure RPG.

I’m not sure how the game will be on release, but I am excited to see what Platinum Games will do with this game with the help of Cygames. Anyways, Granblue Fantasy Project Re: Link is set to come out sometime during 2018 for PS4 over in Japan.


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