Here’s The Latest Information Regarding Destiny 2

With E3 2017 approaching and Bungie dropping bite sized info regarding Destiny 2, it’s likely that some vital information surrounding the game has slipped passed you, like a new job listing and Activision Publishing Inc. floor plan at E3.

The latest news regarding Destiny 2 comes in via a video and another publication site. The video covers what folks might see at E3 2017 when Destiny 2 shows up at the event, and what Activision Publishing Inc. plans on detailing to fans during the event.

The second piece of information comes from GameRant. The site pulls up a job listing that details that the devs are looking for people to work on a PS4 and Xbox version of the game, which means that a PC version will either be a port or Destiny 2 will be like the first game and will only be for consoles.

Anyways, you can check out the first piece of information that comes in by YouTuber Destiny Guides.

The next part that comes in by GameRant seems very strange and interesting to me seeing that the job listing for Destiny 2 was up not too long ago, and then was quickly taken down. This means that you can no longer reach the page revealing that the team was looking for people to make Destiny 2 for PS4 and Xbox One.

A lot of people wanted a PC version of Destiny 2, but it seems that with the most recent information regarding the job listing the game could come either as a PC port or stick to consoles. Here’s part of the job listing thanks to GameRant:

“High Moon Studios, the studio behind the Transformers Cybertron series and now one of the studios helping Bungie with Destiny, has posted a job listing for the presumed Destiny sequel. In the posting, High Moon reveals that it is looking for a mission designer that is proficient in a number of areas, and is passionate about the Destiny franchise. The post also mentions that prospective employees should be prepared to work on PS4 and Xbox One.”

What is for certain is that Bungie is looking for people to help with Destiny 2‘s main narrative or story, which is currently still up on The devs posted up that they are looking for people to fill in the roles of Head of Narrative Development, Narrative Director and Live Narrative Director.

Destiny 2 is slated to release this year’s Fall (Q3), however it’s best to keep in mind that the game could face delays during development.

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