Horizon Zero Dawn: How To Acquire The Tearblaster Weapon
Horizon Zero Dawn - Tearblaster Quest
(Last Updated On: March 5, 2017)

In Horizon: Zero Dawn, if you’re doing the Hunter’s Lodge quests, which are similar to like Monster Hunter style side-quests, there’s a special weapon you can acquire called the Tearblaster. This little walkthrough guide will help set you on your merry way.

YouTuber GamesForEternity managed to put together a visual walkthrough in case you were having trouble finding the Tearblaster, and you can check it out below.

Basically, if you’ve already made it to Meridian, which is in the early part of the game after completing the early quests in the game for the Nora tribe, you can join the Hunter’s Lodge. If you’ve completed those quests and have gained admittance, you’ll need to complete the “Hunting For The Lodge” quests to turn in the trophies. Following that you’ll also need to complete the “Hunter’s Blind” quest as well to gain the Tearblaster.

Once you turn in the “Hunting For The Lodge” quest you can talk to Ahsis to pick up the “Hunter’s Blind” quest.

Talk to Talanah and follow her outside and then take down the Glinthawks to help Ilsadi.

Head to the location upriver and take out more of the Glinthawks. Use the Focus and the R1 scanner to track the path up through the mountains.

Capture the heart and deliver it to Vashad. This will complete that aspect of the mission.

Head back to the Hunter’s Lodge to turn in the “Hunter’s Blind” quest to Ahsis.

After Ahsis leaves, talk to Talanah and she will reward you with the Tearblaster weapon box.

Head into your inventory into the treasrure box section of your inventory and open up the box to reveal the Tearblaster.

The Tearblaster uses compressed air to deal damage, and is a close range weapon for taking down the dinos. If you need help using the weapon there are tutorials available in the quest menu.

Horizon: Zero Dawn is available right now, exclusively for the PlayStation 4.

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