Islands Of Nyne, Battle Royale-Inspired Game Closed Alpha Starts April 28th

Indie developer Define Human released a new update on its main site detailing the Battle-Royale game Islands of Nyne, and the game’s upcoming Closed Alpha session that players will be able to participate in will have no NDA. The game is currently in development and will be for PC.

The Closed Alpha for the upcoming Battle Royale-style game, Islands of Nyne, which was once on Steam Greenlight, will soon become playable for PC via a Closed Alpha test that will begin on April 28th.

I really do hope that this game sees the light of day and that gamers around really do support this game seeing how much effort Define Human has poured into it, not only on Steam Greenlight and Kickstarter, but development and effort in general regarding Islands of Nyne. It’s rare that you see such a polished low-budget indie game these days.

But anyways, you can read the update post that Define Human has up on its main site.

“The time has finally come to give out our official, do or die Closed Alpha date. Since we delayed the game back in January, we have made enormous progress on all fronts of development. We are now confident to announce that Closed Alpha will officially begin April 28th. In our last update, we made a quick feature roadmap for Closed Alpha. Below, I’d like to go into more detail about some of those features we’re looking to get in by that April 28th deadline.”

I’ll skip some of the stuff that the team detailed on the game’s main site, but new improvements will be made for character models, default armor, and more options for customizing your character in the Closed Alpha.

Optimization is also on the team’s radar and with the Closed Alpha just one month away, the devs want to make sure that the game runs smoothly and without any problems on potato, mediocre and beast PCs.

You can read the full “Update #5” post over on, or you can watch some gameplay footage below showing the most recent changes added to the game.


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