Just Cause Movie Will Star Jason Momoa

A lot of action movies have become pathetic, lame, uninteresting crap-fests. Sure, there are the outliers like John Wick and London Has Fallen, but majority of them are these politically correct, playing-it-safe, by-the-numbers crash-ins. Well, maybe things will pick up given that a real badass in the form of Jason Momoa will be taking on the role of Rico Rodriguez in the upcoming Just Cause film, based on the game from Avalanche Studios.

Deadline is reporting that Momoa has been picked to lead the film, which shows that the Game of Thrones alum seems to be doing quite well following the grunting, raping and killing he performed in the HBO series.

Brad Peyton will be directing and John Collee is pegged to concoct a screenplay. So what does Collee have under his belt to warrant him for the job? Well, he’s worked on Happy Feet, Master and Commander and Wolf Totem, to name but a few. Other than Happy Feet and Master and Commander, he’s been hit and miss. So, I have no idea really what the quality of the Just Cause film will be like.

They do briefly provide a description of the film, with the site stating…

“The story, like the game, follows Rico Rodriguez (Momoa) who is an operative for an organization known as the Agency. The plot of the movie is under wraps but it is expected to deal in some way with Rico’s crisis of conscience while on a mission.”

Avalanche really dropped the ball with Just Cause 3. The story was a throwaway just like th previous two games, but the gameplay itself wasn’t much of an improvement over Just Cause 2. This lack of an evolution kind of made the third game stall as far as interest and originality was concerned.

On the plus side, it gives the movie makers more freedom to experiment. On the downside, a lackluster Just Cause 3 combined with a potentially awful film could powerbomb the brand into obscurity. I hope the latter doesn’t happen, but given that Hollyweird is more focused on identity politics and Social Justice Warriorism, I have no doubts in my mind that we could be seeing a really weird, sanitized version of Just Cause. Then again, if they follow the plot of the first game and keep in all the campiness, it could make for a decent team-up action-comedy.

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