King Of Fighters XIV DLC Trailer Reveals Rock Howard… Finally!

Kof XIV Rock Howard

Fans have been begging for him and now SNK has delivered. A new trailer has revealed that one of the DLC characters for the upcoming character pack for King of Fighters XIV is none other than Geese Howard’s son, and the protagonist of Garou: Mark of the Wolves, Rock Howard.

The kid has always been one of the more popular fan-favorites from SNK’s line-up of characters. He’s a typical anime trope but with very, very good reasons. Angry and somewhat bitter over the supposed death of his father, Rock Howard was trained and raised by Terry Bogard. He has the powers of his father and the fighting skill and technique of Terry. He’s a conflicted, Anakin Skywalker-style character that a lot of people fell in love with and wanted to see more of him in future iterations. However, SNK never really followed through… until now.

Lo and behold after rumors went crazy that Rock was going to be in King of Fighters XIV as a DLC character, SNK finally dropped the gauntlet and announced Rock as a character. You can see him for the first time in full-on 3D with the trailer below.

The trailer starts with Rock throwing out some neutrals on the ground and in the air, and then things get technical with the counters.

We see him use his father’s technique of countering moves, and then following it up into Terry’s Crack Shoot, as opposed to throwing opponents like Geese.

Rock’s supers in King of Fighters XIV look fresh. They’re powerful, fast and filled to the brim with hard hitting, flowing elbows and reverse punches.

Not everyone made the leap from 2D to 3D looking like a million bucks, but Rock certainly did. In fact, I think he definitely fits the 3D fighting motif a lot better than the 2D setup.

Fans are naturally ecstatic that Rock is in the game, as they’ve been requesting for him to make an appearance since the last KoF outing.

Well, now he’s going to be in the game and we’ll get to see what his role is like in SNK’s latest fighter.

If all goes well, maybe we’ll see more DLC and more content arrive for the game… and maybe even a potential King of Fighters XV.

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