King Of Fighters XIV DLC Trailer Unveils Whip
King of Fighters XIV - Whip

A portrait silhouette of characters was recently introduced by SNK to give gamers a hint at some of the new and returning faces who will be appearing as DLC for King of Fighters XIV. The game is already packed to the rim with pugilists, but they’re going a step further by introducing DLC packs containing even more characters. The first character they’ve revealed is the ex-NESTS member and Ikari Warrior alum, Whip.

They introduced the feisty military fighter through a brand new trailer that clocks in at just under a minute.

Whip comes back with a vengeance.

Many of her attacks, grabs, throws and combos are still the same from when she last made her appearance in the King of Fighters.

All her classic attacks are back, but she seems just a step slower in execution.

Her outfight is the classic military garb she wore in the previous games, almost identical to her mentor and trainer Heidern. Now there’s a fellow who has been missing from action for quite some time. We need a new SNK vs Capcom so we can see Rolento vs Heidern.

Anyway, Whip showcases some of her new attacks as well, including her super special where she lunges into the air, kicking her opponent in the face with her spiked high heel, and then smashing them into the ground with her whip.

At the end of the trailer Whip’s silhouette is marked in with a colored portrait of the character, revealing that she’s one of the handful of characters set to arrive in King of Fighters XIV.

King of Fighters XIV DLC Characters

The KOF community are almost unanimously agree that the one character is Yamazaki based on hairstyle, gait and pose. I would buy the DLC so quick if it were him… He’s always been my favorite despite being the absolute hardest character to use in any fighting game I’ve played. The challenge is worth it, though.

The others are still a toss up, but most people think that either Vanessa or Blue Mary is in the middle, and the other is still a mystery. Now that I’m looking at the feet positioning, it does look pretty obvious that it’s a character hunched over in a boxing pose… and there are only two notable boxers that SNK would bring back to the roster: Heavy D or Vanessa. Given how thin the legs are in the silhouette, it’s almost guaranteed to be Vanessa. But we’ll have to wait to find out.


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