King of Wildlings: Pixel Art Platform Adventure Game Comes To Greenlight

King of Wildlings looks like a cute platform adventure game, developed by Brute Drop Games.

The story follows the adventure of Alfie, as he goes to confront the King of Wildlings, after he stole your village’s precious Blue Crystal. The land is filled with deadly monsters and loaded with traps, and little Alfie must journey across the land to recover the Blue Crystal.

Alfie, however, has a special ability to manipulate glowing objects to either break them apart or force them together, allowing him to disperse objects that block his path or assemble objects to create a new path or platform so that he can push forward. Alfie isn’t alone, though. Vincenzo, a creature that looks a bit like an Iguana lizard creature, will also help Alfie on his journey. Vincenzo can glide through the air and jump a lot higher than Alfie, allowing him to reach places that Alfie can’t go. You will need to switch between the two characters to solve puzzles and jump across difficult platforms to complete each level.

King of Wildlings reminds me a little bit like the indie platform game FEZ, however, King of Wildlings is purely a 2D pixel art game, and the developers seem to take elements from more classic platform titles instead of mixing in 3D environments or complex game mechanics. The focus appears to be on puzzles and dodging traps, almost like the old classic Coolspot games.

There is even a scene where the main protagonist is inside of a mining cart and you have to dodge traps and jump over deadly pitfalls. The developers released a small gameplay teaser trailer for King of Wildlings, so take a look at the video I linked below.

King of Wildlings has a pretty simple concept, but if the story and gameplay is done right, it could be a lot of fun. King of Wildlings is scheduled to launch in the fourth quarter of 2017, but they are currently seeking for on Steam Greenlight. You can follow the provided link to learn more, or check out the developer’s official website for further details.

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