Lawbreakers Closed Beta Starts March 16th

A new closed beta for the first-person, vertical-trajectory shooting game from Boss Key Productions will get underway starting March 16th. The company announced that over the weekend between March 16th and March 19th, they will hold a new closed beta test for Lawbreakers.

The news about the beta was accompanied by additional news that they will be handing out some exclusive goodies over this upcoming weekend on March 11th with the game being exhibited at PAX East in Boston, Massachusetts with special hands-on sessions. Gamers will also be able to get their first glimpse at a new character.

Cliffy B., and Rohan Rivas popped up in a video talking about the upcoming beta and what games can expect from it.

The new Shadowplay feature will be implemented, along with some new maps and weapons. The new features will be demonstrated at PAX East, and they will also have a panel at the event where they’ll talk about how implementation of the features have been going for Lawbreakers.

The video also discusses how they’ve finally managed to move from alpha to beta. They’ve taken all the feedback from the past year of closed alpha tests and have found ways to implement important upgrades and updates, including hit detection, adjusting the game to compensate for lag, and tweaking character balance.

There hasn’t been enough of Lawbreakers to thoroughly make me excited about it, but they’re still going what they’re doing. The game focuses on hero-shooter style combat in arenas that favor verticality. Players can use gravity wells to get around and shoot at enemies in front of them and behind them.

I kind of wonder how a game like his might play out in VR?

Anyway, you can look for the closed beta to start on March 16th. For information on how to sign up for the beta or participate, you can visit the official Lawbreakers website.

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