Mabinogi Duel Adds BlazBlue Card Sets In Newest Update

DevCat and Nexon announced that they’ve partnered with Arc System Works for a crossover of somewhat epic proportions. Mabinogi Duel has been updated to include BlazBlue characters and content in the form of a new deck set.

24 new cards have been added to Mabinogi Duel based on the content from BlazBlue. The trading card game will see various cards and dialogue options being made available where BlazBlue characters and storylines will make the leap from the fighting game into the realm of a trading card game.

Players will be greeted with different little dialogue sequences depending on if various characters meet up on the battlefield. According to the press release there’s also a special hero event going on, where players who purchase the season booster pack will acquire BLZ season cards for Ragna, Jin, Noel and Rachel when using the booster pack between now and March 15th. In order to acquire the cards they have a list of requirements you must meet below.

o For Ragna’s card, players must obtain 25 BLZ Season Cards

o For Jin’s card, players must obtain 50 BLZ Season Cards

o For Noel’s card, players must obtain 75 BLZ Season Cards

o For Rachel’s card, players must obtain 100 BLZ Season Cards

They’ve also opened up new competitive arenas and in-game challenges going on now and up until March 14th and March 15th.

I haven’t heard much about Mabinogi Duel, so apparently it’s doing okay? The game is a typical CCG for mobile devices, so I imagine complaints and praise are limited to the cash shop and digital storefront reviews.

Even still, you can get your hands on the new card set featuring BlazBlue for Mabinogi Duel right now. The game is available over on the iTunes App Store and the Google Play store. If you’re interested in Arc System Works’ latest fighting title, it’s available right now for PS3 and PS4 after having launched back in November of 2016.

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