MAME 0.184 Improves TI-85 Compatibility And San Francisco Rush Clone Support
MAME 0.184
(Last Updated On: March 31, 2017)

Various new clones are playable in MAME 0.184, along with new and improved compatibility for the TI-82 and TI-85 calculator emulation, and they’ve also added a number of improvements for the N64 and other devices running through MAME.

The news was made available recently over on the official website, where they detailed progress on the open-source project.

They’ve made it where the TI-8x line of graphing calculators can now run and communicate with one another through cross-platform emulation, and it’s even possible to do so over a socket. This should open up some interesting possibilities for people who can’t afford a TI-8x calculator but have a decent enough computer to emulate one.

As far as games are concerned, there are a number of clones that they’ve added support for, including the set 2 MCU Protected version of Gals Panic. The Revision F version of Milton Bradley Simon is now compatible with MAME 0.184. The German version of Raiden II now works, along with the U.S., prototype version of Shanghai III.

And what’s a MAME update without some rare clone of Street Fighter being made compatible with the emulator? Well, Street Fighter II: The World Warrior‘s World 910129 version has been made playable in version 0.184, along with the World version of Super Crowns Golf.

One of the more notable clones made playable in this latest iteration of MAME is San Francisco Rush‘s boot ROM L version 1.06A. If you have a complete set and maybe having trouble getting it to run, you can now try L 1.06A to see if the clone’s compatibility works with the rest of your set.

New machine boards have also been made compatible with MAME, including the Heathkit H-19 and SM 7238, among others.

A bunch of other games are also no longer working in this version of MAME, including 35 games mostly associated with NSW/ACT. Don’t sweat it, though, most of the games are low level titles you probably never heard of.

A bunch of clones have also been marked as not working, including the Japanese bootleg version of Penguin Brothers, the GDX-0014 clone of OutRun 2 Special Tours, and the L 1.48 GUTS clone revisions of San Francisco Rush: The Rock.

You can download MAME 0.184 right now from over on the download page.

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