Mass Effect: Andromeda Won’t Allow For Teammate Customization
Mass Effect Andromeda Teammate
(Last Updated On: March 13, 2017)

If the characters in Mass Effect: Andromeda don’t do anything for you, perhaps you might be thinking that a little bit of tweaking to their armor, a little bit of modifying their weapons, and maybe slapping some helmets on those mugs might make the experience more palatable. Well, you thought wrong.

According to lead designer on Mass Effect: Andromeda, Ian S. Frazier, he was asked recently during the showcase of the game at this year’s PAX East in Boston, Massachusetts by a fan why they didn’t allow for customizing squad mates in the game. Frazier responded on Twitter with the following…

So even if you wanted to alter the characters when it comes to their outfits and gear, you won’t be able to.

And what about their weapons? Well, that’s also a no-go.

In a way, the explanation that Frazier gives is technically correct. It’s easier to code AI when there are fewer variables to modify and compensate their behavior for. Fewer weapons means you don’t have to code how they fire or behave with those weapons – such as when they have to reload, or the intervals in which they fire the gun, or the different animation and rigging adjustments necessary to ensure that clipping and glitching doesn’t occur. You also have to compensate for pathfinding when using certain weapons. For instance you can’t have them fire rocket or explosive weapons in close proximity or they’ll kill themselves or the player, or you can’t have them fire short-range pistols as sniping weapons otherwise they won’t hit anything.

Nevertheless, this decisions more-so speaks volumes to the fact that they either didn’t have a competent enough designer on staff to make those adjustments to the AI or they didn’t have the budget to do so. Either way, it’s a bit unfortunate for gamers who wanted to customize their teammates

Combining this with the fact that a lot of people find the squad mates (and main characters) unattractive, they aren’t fond of the romance options, and there’s a growing presence of gamers who seem repulsed at buying a game where one of the Mass Effect: Andromeda designers have been actively racist against certain members of the gaming community, it seems like the game will have a tough time on the marketplace.

So does the lack of customizing your teammates work as a dealbreaker for you or are you still going to pick up a copy of Mass Effect: Andromeda on day one?

(Thanks for the news tip Lyle)

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  • Danny Stuart

    Does this also include colour changing, I mean I can’t see changing just the colour of the armour to be too much of a hassle.

  • Danny Stuart

    Does this also include colour changing, I mean I can’t see changing just the colour of the armour to be too much of a hassle.

    • Sorry, no customization for teammates. They have specifically designed armor and clothes.

      • Danny Stuart

        Welp that sucks … Will wait until it’s had a few months to get patched if it’s still bad I will just pirate it to get some more turian fix then move on.

  • mikebrand83


    If they’ve cut down on customisation that much (especially compared to previous entries in the series) just to “improve” the AI, and the AI still behaves as poorly as we’ve seen in every snippet of gameplay available, that itself speaks volumes about an “AAA” dev’s haemorrhaging of talents and inability to recruit others to compensate even with an AAA budget.

  • Keystone

    I find it hard to believe they won’t allow for outfit customization. ME1 let you change squad armor, while 2 and 3 had alternate costumes for when you finished a squadmate’s loyalty mission. If even that isn’t in Andromeda, then I don’t know what to say about laziness of that magnitude.

    However the far more likely explanation is that they’re putting *everything* worthwhile behind a DLC paywall. Want an outfit that makes these awfully designed characters look somewhat better? $9.99 please.

    And after the cut out Javik and his whole mission from ME3 and sold it as Day 1 DLC, I cannot wait to see what shit they pull with Andromeda. Y’know, aside from the $200 collector’s edition not even coming with a copy of the game.

    • They already said that this game won’t have any DLC.

      • Keystone

        An EA game in 2017 with no DLC? I find this hard to believe.

        Though I guess we’ll see if they keep their word.

      • NOTslow17mo

        No, dippy, they said that they won’t have a SEASON PASS–that doesn’t mean they won’t have DLC. You’re stupid. Stop posting.

        • I must have pissed in your cereal lol. Keep crying.

          • NOTslow17mo

            Don’t lash out at me because you were definitively, categorically incorrect about everything. Much like your mother was when she made the decision not to abort you.

          • trying way to hard dude. lol

  • LurkerJK

    It’s funny they would mention the AI, The NPCs already look completely stupid in the gameplay footage, they stand around outside cover, they charge at clusters of enemies getting killed and the only improvement between Jan footage and Feb footage is that they seem to have made them either bullet sponges or outright invincible

  • Muten

    Looking at some combat videos they release, it seems that your teammates are basicaly combo starters or combo finishers by using their powers, and the bulk of weapon damage will be coming from the player.

    So makes sense they didnt bother to build a rpg type system for them lol.

  • SevTheBear

    The basics of an RPG is to choice your play style and path (3 options most of the time) in the games. This included customization which is a HUGE part of the fun. Taking that away kills some of the joy playing an RPG.

    Design and PR so on has been the worst in the series so fare. But as we know the hardcore fans will defend it no matter what.

    • Pratim Gupta

      hardcore fans left after Bioware started to diss their own fanbase and the ending bullshit of ME3, the defenders are SJW who don’t buy the game but uses it to push their agenda

      • SevTheBear

        That wouldn’t surprise me

        • Pratim Gupta

          Bioware fanbases are some of the most toxic fanbases out there, attacking other games like Witcher and Elder Scrolls, SJW devs attacking long time loyal fans etc.. it was one of the reason Bioware forums shut down, it was gone out of control

    • LurkerJK

      I don’t know how many fans they have left, I am very surprised about how widespread the negativity for the game is, just check the comments for most trailers and they are mainly negative with little to no defense, me 3 may have cost them far more than journos expect

      The interactions of the devs are starting to sound panicked too, preorder numbers must be looking grim

      • Yeah I’m shocked about how aware people are about this game. A lot of people are absolutely ragging on it in the YouTube comment section about it being an SJW game. That obviously can’t be good.

        • SevTheBear

          Since we don’t know much about the game (besides it’s characters being ugly or unattractive) I guess the ME3 ending left a bad taste in many old fans mouth + the racist comments from the gameplay designer. But if the game sells well, I think it’s save to say that a lot of people don’t care or have never heard of the negatives of Bioware.

          • Yep, sadly that would true.

          • Kain Yusanagi

            For every vocal person, remember that there are at least 10 quiet people who disagree, is generally the best way to put it when it comes to points of volatile contention.

          • SevTheBear


            So fare we have seen really bad animations xD If the gameplay is any good we will know when we get the full reviews

      • SevTheBear

        It’s hard to say. Because I bet we have plenty of Gamers + casuals who don’t spent time on keeping themselves up date with information like this. If MEA sells well it pretty much confirm that a lot of people don’t care about the flaws in their game design and the BS coming from Bioware’s employees themselves