Number Of Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons Desynching Not Significant, Says Nintendo
Nintendo Switch Joy-Con
(Last Updated On: March 13, 2017)

There have been reports about the left Joy-Con for the Nintendo Switch desynching from the system when playing with it in the wireless TV mode. Videos have popped up, and it’s been mentioned in articles quite a bit. The actual verified purchase reviews don’t mention the issue as much, but the problem was obviously widespread enough to reach the ears of Nintendo.

Speaking with Time, a representative for Nintendo clarified that the desynchronization happening between the Joy-Con controllers and the Nintendo Switch is a “not significant” number…

“The number [of Joy-Con replacement or repair requests received] is not significant, and is consistent with what we’ve seen for any new hardware we have launched.””

This was provided as a statement to follow-up on Time drilling Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime about the various issues plaguing the Nintendo Switch during launch.

Reggie had originally stated that they are well aware of the issue and they’re engaged in continual feedback and communication with consumers in order to resolve the issue, saying…

“Specifically on Joy-Con syncing, all I can tell you is that we are aware of and have seen some of the reports. We’re asking consumers a lot of questions. That’s why we want to get consumers on our help line, so we can get as much information to understand the situation as possible. And so we are in a fact-finding mode, to really understand the situation and the scenarios. And with that information, we’ll look and see what the next steps are.”

YouTuber GameXplain actually did a troubleshooting guide to explain what’s causing the issues and how the desynching is taking place, putting together a near seven minute video to cover the problem.

They surmised that it’s a connectivity issue – when certain objects obfuscate the line of communication between the Joy-Con and the Switch unit.

Of course, this still doesn’t explain if this is a hardware issue, a software issue or a firmware issue. Most people are suspecting it may be a hardware issue, while others feel as if the problem could be fixed with a firmware update.

Details on the root cause of the desynch wasn’t addressed by Reggie or the Nintendo rep, but hopefully with the second batch of Switch units coming off the assembly line, the issue will be fixed.

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  • DizzyGear

    Yeah i think its pretty obvious they should have kept this thing in R&D a little while longer.
    Nintendo’s arrogant stance on these problems is unforgivable though. IIRC even MS for all the shit they got for the launch 360’s RROD acted more more appropriately by exchanging dead units and made damn sure it didn’t happen again with the next revision.

    Nintendo on the other hand…
    Dead pixels? Fuck you.
    Controller losing sync? Fuck you
    Faulty cartridge reader? Fuck you
    Screen scratched because we used cheap plastic for the screen and did not add some sort of padding in the dock? Fuck you.
    Units overheating? Fuck you

    • It was a long time between launch and the 360’s $1 billion warranty exchange though. I think it was at least a year or two before they instituted that. It’s only been two weeks since the Switch’s launch.

      There was a 0.44% for the first batch of PS4 units off the assembly line due to that BS that happened with the high-school students at that one Foxconn assembly plant. So there’s obviously going to be some issues off the starting line.

      We’ll need to see what the failure rates look like to get an idea of how widespread the issues are. It’s easy to point to fringe cases seeming bigger than what they are (remember the guy with his smoking Xbox One unit?) so it’s best to get a gauge on the numbers to see what the actual number of issues are.

      • DizzyGear

        The dock scratching the screen is widespread and SHOULD have been caught during testing. In Ashens review of the switch he mentioned that you cant even use a screen protector because the thing gets so hot the glue wont hold. He also mentioned the paint coming off easily of the back.

        The weird graphics glitches you see in the video are also a tell tale sign of the GPU/SOC overheating which be as simple as bad thermal paste or an insufficient cooling system entirely.

        I think we’ll see more switches dying unless Nintendo “fixes” this by throttling the SOC in a firmware update.

        • The dock scratching the screen is widespread and SHOULD have been caught during testing.

          I don’t know if it’s widespread… I’ve seen a few verified reviews that say to get a screen protector but not necessarily that their screen has been scratched. Again, it’s hard to tell because I’m seeing a lot of noise about it scratching the screen but we still need figures before assuming it’s widespread.

          I’ve seen various YouTube videos citing the standard GJP sites all reiterating the same thing about the screen, and the same GJP sites citing each other about the issue, and then NeoGaf reiterating what those sites are saying. It looks like a game of telephone. So… yeah, after the PS4 HDMI thing, I’m definitely leery about taking the word of GJP sites at face value about this issue.

          According to Kotaku they tried making it like the HDMI port being bent on the PS4 was widespread when it first launched, which sent a lot of people into a frenzy saying the PS4’s HDMI ports were shipped broken, but that wasn’t the case at all. Some HDMI ports were bent, it just wasn’t as widespread as some tried making it seem.

          • DizzyGear

            I dont know if Ashens falls under GJP (Personally i think his console reviews are pretty fair) but he described the screen having soft plastic and scratching easily and saying a screen protector is not an option due to the thing getting hot.


          • Thanks. I’ve been looking for more neutral videos like this. I wanted to see how the scratching occurs and whether or not it’s something that can happen casually.

            Every time I drop into comment sections it’s full of fanboys on both sides, throwing around a lot of shade and misinformation.

  • FlamingoJet

    My GF has a Switch and I have personally used it and I’ve noticed none of these problems so I believe NIntendo when they say it’s happening but it’s not a significant number of them. I will however say that yes, that piece of shit dock can, in fact, scratch it. It didn’t happen to hers but I easily have seen how it could do so.

    • chaoguy

      I think Switch was designed to be in development for A LOT longer, and with the PS4 and XboxOne released- along with the Wii-U’s dying shelf life, they decided to rush it out. They got the cheapest parts they could get away with. The majority might not have issues with this part, or that part. But when put together- the odds of having something wrong with your Switch increases (dock scratching, desynching controller, or firmware issues).
      Hell, even the games are rushed. A few ports, charging full price for the tech demo/typically bundled in 1-2-Switch, and Breath of the Wild (while tentative, I think it was supposed to be a WiiU title, making bigger use of the touch pad- hence Link using the Shiekah Slate/tablet).

      I know you should never buy a console at launch, but by god this was botched. Expect a “deluxe” edition of the console soon- basically a soft re-launch.

      • FlamingoJet

        Agree 100%

      • DizzyGear

        Its was incredibly dumb to rush this thing to the market. Nintendo did have a reputation for building sturdy consoles which they now have squandered.
        Even if they do fix the issues with the next revision this shit will keep haunting the console like the RROD did with the 360.