On The Road, German Truck Simulator Set To Hit Steam On March 30th

If you are into truck simulators and enjoy cruising the streets of Germany, you’ll most definitely find Aerosoft and Toxtronyx Interactive’s On The Road to be interesting. The truck simulator is set to come out near the end of this month on March 30th for PC via Steam Early Access.

There are quite a bit of truck simulators out there. All of these simulators that are currently playable allow the community or player-base to mod them, and use Steam Workshop to bring forth new content for other players to enjoy. This thing called modding goes a long way when it comes to a simulator’s longevity and life-span.

As of the moment there is no word on if there will be mod support or Steam Workshop support for On The Road, but I do think that is something the devs should address soon, seeing how it’s working for other sim games.

Looking over to the actual game, there will be a lot of POI’s (points of interest) scattered around Germany where players can explore. These locations either hold objectives that can change the economy, or stand to be familiar spots and monuments found in real life.

The official description sits below detailing what’s currently in On The Road:

“In the Early Access version, there are already about 1500 km of motorway and more than 300 km of country roads at your disposal – including 12 detailed motorway interchanges. The player can already stop by in 7 cities in North Germany (for now) like Hamburg, Bremen and Berlin, with unique road designs and sights. During the Early Access, 11 more cities will follow, e.g. Cologne, Dortmund, and Munich. Additionally, numerous other points of interest are waiting to be discovered during the journey, as well.”

The video that is up on Steam Early Access is not on YouTube yet, but a video that is up showing pre-Alpha gameplay and detailing what the game has to offer and will offer in the future, comes in by Nordrheintvplay.

To stay up to date with On The Road you can either hit up its newly posted Steam Early Access page, or you can visit aerosoft.com.


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