Open Discussion: March 12th, 2017

Welcome to the third entry to the newly ongoing Open Discussion session, which kicks off March 12th. Like in the past couple of Open Discussions the latest one, too, allows anything to be posted and shared to others in the comment section below.

Now I bet you are thinking “why is there an image showing game over?”, which is quiet fair to think such a thing. You don’t have to talk about this, and it’s encouraged that you deviate from this if you want, but what games or challenges have you played in the past (or recently) that have challenged you so much that every few seconds you were brought to the Game Over screen?

I don’t know if you know this, but I’m an achievement hunter. And you know what that means, playing a game for hours just to get all golds or platinum will lead you to face the Game Over screen frequently.

I think the longest and hardest game that held the most challenging trophies, for me of course, is TimeSplitters Future Perfect. Trying to get 100 percent on that game is tough, especially trying to get a platinum on Rumble in the Jungle, which is near impossible, but when I managed to get the trophy it was very rewarding.

Another challenge that was hard that I’ve triumphed in the past was a time attack trail in MotoGP 2003. On the first stage Whale Coast, the player must keep a consisted speed around 100 Mph or 160 Kph (and above) to beat a time of one minute and two seconds. It is near impossible to beat due to the fact that you can’t brake and must make sharp turns, but I managed to beat it by two milliseconds.

Another game that has a very challenging segment is Project Breakdown when reaching the Gauntlet part near the end on the hardest difficulty setting. Again that part is almost near impossible to beat, because it never ends, unless you kill four specific enemies quickly after beating an onslaught of other enemies. But upon beating that part it feels very rewarding, if you have the patience to do so.

I know that there are other harder games out there that I’ve probably forgot or missed, like Sword of Sodan and so on, but if there is a game that challenged you and made you face the Game Over screen over and over post it below.

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