Open Discussion: March 12th, 2017
(Last Updated On: March 12, 2017)

Welcome to the third entry to the newly ongoing Open Discussion session, which kicks off March 12th. Like in the past couple of Open Discussions the latest one, too, allows anything to be posted and shared to others in the comment section below.

Now I bet you are thinking “why is there an image showing game over?”, which is quiet fair to think such a thing. You don’t have to talk about this, and it’s encouraged that you deviate from this if you want, but what games or challenges have you played in the past (or recently) that have challenged you so much that every few seconds you were brought to the Game Over screen?

I don’t know if you know this, but I’m an achievement hunter. And you know what that means, playing a game for hours just to get all golds or platinum will lead you to face the Game Over screen frequently.

I think the longest and hardest game that held the most challenging trophies, for me of course, is TimeSplitters Future Perfect. Trying to get 100 percent on that game is tough, especially trying to get a platinum on Rumble in the Jungle, which is near impossible, but when I managed to get the trophy it was very rewarding.

Another challenge that was hard that I’ve triumphed in the past was a time attack trail in MotoGP 2003. On the first stage Whale Coast, the player must keep a consisted speed around 100 Mph or 160 Kph (and above) to beat a time of one minute and two seconds. It is near impossible to beat due to the fact that you can’t brake and must make sharp turns, but I managed to beat it by two milliseconds.

Another game that has a very challenging segment is Project Breakdown when reaching the Gauntlet part near the end on the hardest difficulty setting. Again that part is almost near impossible to beat, because it never ends, unless you kill four specific enemies quickly after beating an onslaught of other enemies. But upon beating that part it feels very rewarding, if you have the patience to do so.

I know that there are other harder games out there that I’ve probably forgot or missed, like Sword of Sodan and so on, but if there is a game that challenged you and made you face the Game Over screen over and over post it below.

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  • EroBotan

    can you guys help vote for my greenlight game Blitz Angel Spica? it’s a beatemup inspired by Beat Angel Escalayer.

    There is a demo in my patreon page

    Feedback is welcome too!

    • Nick

      I’ll check it out. If I have the time I might write a thing about it as well.
      (Unless someone beats me to it)

      • EroBotan

        thanks! I’ve sent a review copy to Staff(at)OneAngryGamer(dot)net just in case you want to write a full review (it will be 18+ though, no r-15 version exist at the moment).

  • Disqusted

    Did you all hear about Australia making female versions of pedestrian lights, to raise awareness that there are *gasp* female humans? Look it up if you don’t believe me.

    Also just saw this thing about Amazon’s Echo (which was supposedly largely funded by the CIA) refuses to answer questions about whether it’s connected to the CIA:
    After this video went viral, they apparently updated it to give a response.
    Here’s one article that covered it (there are tons out there):

    What a world we live in, eh? The joys of experiencing the dawn of the digital age.

    • Wow…. now that’s really telling. Seems pretty obvious devices like that are perfect spy machines.

  • There was a game called Super Mario All-Stars on the SNES which was a collection of all the Mario games from the NES.

    Within this collection there is a game called Super Mario Brothers: The Lost Levels. Surprised my TV didn’t find it’s way out of the window when I played through this.

  • giygas

    Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild doesn’t pull any punches. It’s the first (canon) 3D Zelda since Majora’s Mask that is actually challenging, barring Water Temple migraines. BotW is very generous with the save/load system and healing items to make it less punishing, but that won’t stop you from getting familiar with the Game Over screen in the early game.

    It’s easy to see that BotW is a nod to the open world sandbox of the
    original 8-bit LoZ, instead of the safe sequential structure that LoZ usually has. Even though I didn’t play the original 8-bit until the early 2000’s with the Collector’s Edition, I had been craving a real successor to it.

    The map size says it all.

  • Hawk Hopper

    4chan found Shia’s “secret” HWNDU flag

    Zenimax sued Oculus and now Oculus’ John Carmack (formerly with Zenimax) is suing Zenimax.

    I still haven’t figured out which memes were generated by the CIA.

    • Mr.Towel

      My guess would be the lamest ones. Government efficiency. Just imagine if the DMV tried to make memes of their own, it would be like your weird fat ass uncle trying to act like a cool teenager.

  • durka durka

    So what are your thoughts on various european countries telling turkish politicians that they cant give public speeches regarding the referendum that will turn turkey’s Erdogan into a Sultan with ultimate power?

    Curious to see if the “free speech” rule you all have applies to Islamofasists who jail journalists and then proceed to call the entire European continent “racist” and the Germans and the Dutch “descendants of Nazis”

    • Mr.Towel

      Free market of ideas, so yes, I don’t believe their speech should be curtailed.

      Besides, it’s a good way to let them show their true colors, just let their own tongue tell us how crazy they are.

      • Disqusted

        I’m not so sure about that last bit. People who are in a position to control the narrative can easily spread nonsense that people will believe. As in, it’s not always obvious that they’re crazy.

        I happened to watch a portion of Metokur’s stream yesterday, and he was looking at videos of kids who were tricked by “Twitch support” into buttering up their keyboards and microwaving their laptop batteries in order to fix viruses.

        I’m sure there are a bunch of people, adults and children, who can be easily tricked into believing anything, as long as it aligns with their interests in some way. The people who spread lies know how to take advantage of that.

        Don’t get me wrong, I don’t like to believe that people are that stupid. It’s actually really depressing to me. But that’s the reality. I think we’ve been living in times where people have been intentionally raised with low intelligence, for easier manipulation. After all, it doesn’t matter if they are smart or stupid, they still count as much as anyone else. You know what they say, “never underestimate the power of stupid people in large numbers”.

        • Mr.Towel

          I comprehend that. There will be always the gullible and the innocent that will have their minds preyed on by such demagogues. They will probably live their lives on suffering and die because of it.

          But that’s the harsh reality of this world. People make their own decision, their mind is their own, if they suffer because of it, the weight falls on their own heads.

          I know it will not be only them that will suffer, they will cause suffering for everyone, the mob rule mentality will rise and much blood maybe be shed. The French Revolution is there to remind us of this dark prospect.

          But I think that on the long run, through the centuries and the millennia, the freedom and pain gained from these historical process is what ultimately leads mankind to progress.

          “I do not agree with what you have to say, but I’ll defend to the death your right to say it.”
          It’s the ultimate principle on free market of ideas.

          If we start saying that some ideas are not okay, we already give enough rope to hang a large number of ideas, it easily becomes a slipper slope of thought control (for example, USSR and China).

          • Disqusted

            You mentioned people suffering the weight of their bad decisions, but it’s a problem when it affects the rest of us as well.

            The two rules I try to follow are:
            1. Try to stick to facts/reality.
            2. Try not to hurt other people (who don’t deserve it).
            I’m generally against stuff that breaks those rules.

            Of course, nothing is that simple. It’s one of the reasons why I avoid making decisions, because I worry a lot about the complex consequences behind everything.

            Also, in regards to number 2, special snowflakes getting “hurt” doesn’t count. What’s important is intent. If there was no intention to upset them, then they should accept that. But they don’t, and that’s a problem.

          • durka durka

            “But that’s the harsh reality of this world. People make their own decision, their mind is their own, if they suffer because of it, the
            weight falls on their own heads.”

            They dont understand that, they dont understand who they voted and why they voted them and why the screw up happened and if you explain it but your explanation does not agree with their missconceptions, then you are one of the shills.

            “I know it will not be only them that will suffer, they will cause
            suffering for everyone, the mob rule mentality will rise and much blood
            maybe be shed”

            Yup, logic is dead.

            “If we start saying that some ideas are not okay,”

            Fascism is not okay, jewish genocide is not okay, Erdogan threating the whole planet like a spoiled brat is not okay, but the more you allow people to think its okay to say those things, they push further with their lunacy. If we stopped sjws when the whole thing started we wouldnt be here. If Merkel said no to the “refugees” then that screw up wouldnt happen either. The governments of the world let things fly for too long, as long as the problem isnt filling their room with water and the whole ship isnt sinking….after that its too late.

          • Mr.Towel

            Call me an elitist if you will, but I believe such crazy ideas should fall by culture, not by regulations. If the culture of a nation is not strong enough or articulate enough to fend off such lunacy, then it was already weak to begin with and death was an inevitable prospect.

            The very man that you use as an example, Erdogan, is only living by your own proposal that ideas should be policed. He’s policing ideas inside his country and killing people because of their “dangerous” ideas. So has been the case for Europe for most of its history.

            This is not a matter of trying to prevent the most amount of suffering for people or deaths, but avoid paradoxes, avoid hypocrisy, avoid flaws that can be used to game the system.

            If the free market of idea was taken as a unchangeable law, many of these ideas that you believe should be curtailed would not even had room to breath, because for them to materialize in the real world they would have to claim for the death of the freedom of ideas and that would certainly be a crime that should be dealt with swiftly. Their only prospect of victory would be a slow subversion of the masses through many generations, a historical process that takes decades and it’s very uncertain.

            And even then, the republic serves as the ultimate safeguard against the Ochlocracy that you so much fear. Should the culture of a nation be truly strong, they can withstand whatever demagogue you throw at them. Should they not, its better that they fall.

          • Disqusted

            So basically you’re saying we should let people run crazy and destroy themselves? I can understand that, but the problem is when their self-destruction takes the rest of us down with them. Which is probably as good a reason as any of why globalism can be a serious problem.

          • Mr.Towel

            Kind of that. I know they will cause suffering not only for them but for us as well. But I say that you should not fear that prospect, if anything, you should find the beauty in the fight.

            I know that sounds very brute, savage and cold. But that;s the nature of this world. I believe that when a generation start to have a “too good of a life” – either too protected or full of artificial comforts – they grow weak, their minds grow weak, they grow hollow and insane, they become horrible people.

            Then, when this generation takes power, by their own misdeed they start to cause suffering for everyone. Sad indeed. But that suffering is the call for the next generation to toughen up, to grow strong and become better men, better people. What we’re seeing today is the swing of a pendulum, the pampared, weak and crazy generation taking power and a new generation is growing up, fermenting hate towards the crazyness of that last generation. The swing of this political pendulum happened many times is the past. It’s the repetition of 1920s Europe.

            I believe that its these suffering and fighting, either of ideas or actually physical fighting and death, that creates good strong cultures. When they start to steer to far away from this reality is that when they become insane.

            I’m not saying you shouldn’t have basic regulation to identify very wrongful ideas, calling for the death a group or the death of the freedom of ideas for example, but ultimately, freedom should rule above all.

          • EroBotan

            No no no! we should destroy them while we can! You know those leftards laws? like “watching porn is bad and you go to jail”, or “insulting islam is bad and you go to jail”

            if we follow your plan, by the time we “win” the fight against SJW, tons more of those laws will be already in place. I don’t think we can rely on politicians to overturn those laws, especially the ones about porn. At least banning porn won’t harm anyone physically but what about those laws that put islam as the 1st class VIP citizens where they can rape women, children while spreading hate speech without persecution? By the time those laws are canceled, I don’t think i can say that following your idealist plan is worth the sacrifice.

          • Mr.Towel

            What? Plan?

            The guy just asked if I still supported freedom of speech for jackasses like Erdogan and SJWs, I do and I said why. This is not a strategic plan, it’s a principle.

            I said that I believe their fall should come by culture, not by regulations. And what I mean by that is just piss the shit out of them till nobody of sane mind take their ideas seriously any more. Till the collective can’t look at them without having to hold their laughter. Troll them and their ideas to oblivion, make them show their ridiculousness for everyone, uncover the naked king and show them for what they truly are. What piss these narcissists the most is when you don’t take them seriously. It was only when we started doing this that we started to win this cultural war.

            Politician are always populist, change culture and you change them, control culture and you control history. it’s what leftist and SJW warriors learned many decades ago with Gramsci, it’s what has allowed them to get to this point, decades of cultural control through the 80s, 90s, and 2000s, and only now that we’re taking the hang of it.

      • durka durka

        What you dont understand is that the Turks in those countries will vote for Erdogan to take full control and challenge the sovereignty of his neighboors, destabilizing middle east further and who knows what will happen with Greece. Then Europe can go ahead and say “not muh fault” and close borders.

        The interesting thing is that in the Netherlands have to stop Gurt Wilders so they are extra cautious not to give em a platform.

        See how complex it is? This “free market of ideas” is infact horseshit, not only because the vast majority of voters are uninformed or rampant populists but such decisions cause Geopolitical long lasting damage and with it economic damages as well.

        Oh and something else do you give platform to someone who jails everyone who does not support his narrative and calls you a fascist nazi racist?

        • Disqusted

          Everything is complex.

          • durka durka

            Like Le penn taking france to a nationa socialist corrupt route if she wins, but hey gotta stop dem muslims and the eu, am i right? Or you can vote for Makron who wants to do reforms but he is a cuck…still not as big as Trudeau.

            But hey lets make simplistic populist claims about all of this.

          • Disqusted

            I hope you read my response to you the other day. Like I said before, politics and elections are messed up. You can only vote for a person or party that sorta has some of your interests in mind, but also screws you in other ways.

            And there are too many people who vote for stupid reasons, like because they have a vagina, or whatever. Those are just some of the reasons why I think voting is broken.

            I think most people just want to get away from all the bullshit and be left alone. I can understand people wanting to entrust politics and government to those willing to deal with it, but at the same time, once that group of people gets corrupt (which is inevitable when people entrust power and then leave it largely unchecked), they end up screwing all of us over on a large scale.

            I’m more in favor of local government who are more likely to know the locals and care about local issues. Federal government tends to be disconnected. But that’s what happens when you try to unite people on a large scale. Value of individual life is lost, people don’t care or trust one another anymore, etc. A breeding ground for corruption.

            Don’t ask me for any solutions, because I have no idea. As we both know, it’s far too complicated. It’s easy to make one group happy while pissing another one off.

            Maybe the best solution is for everyone to just go do their own thing, without interacting with each other, and stop trying to be diverse and multicultural, because some cultures and beliefs just can’t co-exist.

    • Disqusted

      Haven’t read up on it. Just heard some shit’s going down with Turkey. I know about how there was a coup a while back, which was blamed on the U.S., and Erdogan seized upon it to purge all dissent and opposition, and that Erdogan doesn’t seem to reliably ally with anyone. Not a great situation.

      I’m not someone who goes around preaching “free speech”, because I find people often use it as an excuse to cause trouble, spread lies, bully others, etc, and I don’t see a point to free speech if the person speaking knows almost nothing about what they’re saying.

      Why do we have to value opinions equally, if they don’t have equal worth or quality? I think it’s more important that everything be based in factual reality. Therein, of course, lies the underlying problem, that it’s difficult to determine exactly what is the truth or not.

      Obviously, it’s not okay to go around jailing (real) journalists and political opponents. I think everyone nowadays is more concerned about superficial appearances, preferring to silence opponents and assassinate character, than dealing with any real issues. All I can say is that is a sure-fire path to self-destruction. It’s only a matter of time.

  • Ghost

    I’m a gamer who hates games. I mean, there’s exceptions to that. For example, I’ve recently become addicted to GTA 5 Online. Hey, speaking of which, let’s all make a crew! But, yeah. I have a really difficult time finding something to play that isn’t GTA 5 or a game that came out in the early 2000’s. It’s like everything just sucks big fat donkey balls now.

    All the games are the same, and all the streamers and youtubers are the same. They play these shit games with their false enthusiasm, while catering to 12 year olds and manchild’s. But, when I see these supposedly amazing games, they just all look like garbage remakes or clones.

    And speaking of clones, can we not get a new fucken series already? I loved Halo in it’s early days, but can it just please die already? We’re on a new console generation but we’re playing the same fucken games, they’re just shittier now. I don’t know… All the crap going on has turned me so cynical.
    Can someone show me something to change that? Is there anything out there that isn’t complete garbage?

    • Well, I’ve found a few indie games on Steam that might be worth looking into.

      If you’re a fan of things like Ace Combat, then Sky Rogue might be worth a look. Graphics are like those early 90s 3D polygonal games like Daytona USA or something, but it’s damn fun to me.

      There’s also Road Redemption if you’re a fan of the old Road Rash games and stuff like them.

    • Sonic Generations is good. The mods are especially good.

      I’ve had a lot of fun with Super Indie Karts, but I think it’s still in Early Access. Lots of nostalgia in that one.

      Citizens of Earth was decent for what it was… assuming you like Earthbound.

      Edge of Space and Starbound are pretty cool if you’re into sci-fi sprite-based survival games.

      And Distance is super fun. There are some awesome Workshop tracks available for that as well.

      Oh, and Guns, Gore & Cannoli. That game feels like it came right out of the 1990s but with current day HD sprites. It’s exactly what it says it is — reminded me a lot of the old Metal Slug games.

      Phantom Breaker is another good one, if you’re into beat-’em-up titles. I replayed this one a lot due to the character leveling and unlocking new skills and just generally beating the crap out of everyone. Loved it.

      Riff Racer and Salt and Sanctuary are also both cool. Beating other people’s score to some of your favorite tunes in Riff Racer never gets old. I played that game for hours into the wee hours of the night.

      But yeah, also check out the games suggested by O.R.R., too.

      I also completely agree that a lot of games these days just flat out suck. So it’s one of the reasons I check out the mid-budget/indie titles and scour through a lot of older gems that slipped through the cracks.

    • Mr.Towel

      Go for more arcadey games, you’ll find at least some essence from the past.

    • Disqusted

      I find a lot of games nowadays are the same because they’re designed to walk people through a pre-defined path/experience, often heavily bound by story. I prefer games where players are given unique abilities and a context to experiment within, and solutions can be reached in various ways. But it feels like there aren’t many of those.

      I can’t stand games that artificially limit the player and require everyone to go through the same generalized prerequisites to get to the juicy content. It’s like being stuck in elementary school again. I like games where you can take on challenges when you feel you are skilled enough, not when the game decides you are ready.

      Two games I recently enjoyed enough to replay multiple times are Another Metroid 2 Remake and Bloodborne. Can’t think of anything else worth recommending. Maybe Dark Souls 1.

    • FlamingoJet

      Clearly someone hasn’t heard of Witcher 3, playing it on a proper PC of course, is one of the best experiences you can have in modern gaming.