Open Discussion: March 5th, 2017
(Last Updated On: March 5, 2017)

Take a seat, relax and let’s talk for a minute. The second round of the OAG Open Discussion has turned up, and just like like before anything goes. Whatever is on your mind you are more than welcome to sound off and tell the OAG team, or inform other readers about whatever is pressing.

In this Open Discussion it is going to be about what kind of anime, movie or manga you would like to see turned into a video game — although you don’t have to abide by that and you can instead post stuff unrelated to that topic if you want. With that said, you know me and my love for futuristic stuff, I would love to see Katsuhiro Otomo’s Akira become a real game… which it almost did, but it got canceled before seeing the light of day.

Now I know a lot of people and hardcore Akira fans will probably tell me just leave it be due to some lazy developers wanting to cash in on it and produce some abominable trash; but the actual game that was in development some time ago actually got the greenlight from Otomo, which is a very good sign, because he doesn’t like anyone doing anything with his work unless it challenges the creator behind the project.

Whether you like Otomo or not, I got to give it to the man that he does not like to ride off the success of his previous work, but likes to challenge himself by making more original and daring projects. This can be seen in Steamboy, Metropolis, and Memories.

In addition to the above, I would love to see something similar to the opening scene in Akira, but in video game form. Punks and rival gangs fighting each other in a futuristic city where players are dropped in the middle always seemed like something that would be fun in a game. Speaking of the opening scene check out the original 1988 bike chase that was hand drawn, showing the Capsules fighting the Clowns.

Although I preferred the Kaneda and Tetsuo fight in the manga over the anime, it would still be cool to see something like this in a game.

Also, I like the music to Akira. It wasn’t typical New Wave or Retro Wave music, but a somewhat original genre of music that Otomo wanted, which consisted of Indonesian tribal chromatic percussion (jegog) sounds, Japanese theatrical and spiritual music, and European classical and progressive rock music. The only group that could do the above and satisfy Otomo was Geinoh Yamashirogumi, a Japanese group known for recreating different genres with a rhythmic beat.

My two favorite songs from the Akira OST consists of “Kenada Theme” and “Exodus From The Underground Fortress”. You really get a futuristic yet tribal neo-punk feel when listening to both tracks.

Anyways, this leads back to the very ambitious game (much like how Otomo always wants his projects to be) that got canceled some time back. I would love to see a newer version with the same ambition, but handled correctly by developers that care with today’s tech.

You can watch the unreleased game relic below by Evil Pixel. And if you want you can post up what anime, manga or movie that you would like to see in video game form, or talk about whatever it is that is on your mind in the comment section below.

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  • Disqusted

    A friend linked me this. More Switch woes:

    It’s depressing seeing people/fanboys/sociopaths everywhere accusing anyone who has legitimate problems of “trying to be cool in hating Nintendo”. Sick of bullshit apologists, everywhere I go, who attack anyone for being negative at all. They want to live in perfect la-la land where everyone can only be 100% positive and agree with their feelings on everything.

    • Disqusted

      This is what I mean:

      It’s sad that he has to explain why he’s posting a tip to fix problems, because fanboys who don’t have problems keep raging at him for “being negative” or whatever.

  • Not really an Anime watcher (in fact, I haven’t watched mainstream films/movies for years because Hollywood SJW cucks), so do excuse my poor taste… basically Queen’s Blade as a 2D scrolling medieval beat-em-up with fancy graphics and plenty of fan-service. Gameplay a bit like Knights Of The Round by Capcom (very good game), but with more moves, spells, etc.

    Anyway, I read in a forum that apparently BBC3 in the UK has recently produced a “shock documentary” hit-piece about the so-called “sexualization” of children in Manga.

    According to a forum post, quoted:

    Japan’s responding to the BBC3’s hitpiece documentary and calling them to the mat.

    Seen inside: Mombot and other users launching logic guided ICBMs on BBC3’s bullshit. Spread it around if you can.…0553166848…4333593601

    Shots fired (author of Girls und Panzer, who the reporter for that shitpiece grilled and then declared a pedo dealer)

    I wonder if this is worth an article on OAG? It is however, a highly controversial topic though.

    • I wonder if this is worth an article on OAG? It is however, a highly controversial topic though.

      Pfft, well, when you put it like that…

      What was the forum where those links were posted?

    • Disqusted

      BBC are the same assholes already busted multiple times covering up child rape. Reminds me of a UK guy I saw on a random blog who kept bitching about how Japan is the center of child abuse worldwide or some nonsense. Hypocrites only project their crimes onto others.

      “Look at that other country!” *rapes kids while nobody’s looking*
      The saddest part is people fall for it because nobody wants to admit their own country sells, rapes and sacrifices kids to Moloch. They enjoy feeling like they beat the entire world when an athlete they’ve never met and know almost nothing about wins a medal at the Olympics.

  • Disqusted

    Nothing much happening. Mainstream media blatantly lying like crazy and contradicting themselves, as always.

    Just watched Mister Metokur’s latest video and not sure how to react.
    Wasn’t sure what I was watching, at first. The stupidity makes my brain hurt. That there are such people out there probably explains why it often seems difficult to engage in basic, reasonable, civil discussions online, and sometimes in real life.

  • durka durka

    Akira should have gotten a sequel or turned into a show like ghost in the shell. Anyway i was looking for old animes like that one and i found spriggan, pretty cool, also had a psx game but its in Japanese only. Speaking of japanesse only did you know that ace combat 3 is very different in japan than in the west? Someone made a english translation patch apparently so we can finally experience it.

    The last few days i have been trying to figure out what is the name of a game i saw on this site a few months ago. It was a first person minecraft clone but with sci fi setting kinda like no mans sky, planet exploreres starbound and it had a story. I just cant figure out what was its name.

    • Ethan42

      Would love to see an Akira TV show, especially one that reflected the six manga volumes.

      But the game that you are talking about that is like a first-person Minecraft clone set in a Sci-Fi setting has me baffled. I need to search through the engine and see what you are talking about.

  • So is this basically going to become a regular Sunday thing?


    • Ethan42

      That’s right, every Sunday. One of the members from OAG will post up an Open Discussion that will range from politics, GG, retro games, upcoming games, censorship or whatever.

      • Yeah, alright.

        I couldn’t be less interested in anime, I’ll be honest. But I guess if there was a way to get me to watch one, it would be to turn Ace Combat or something similar into an anime.

        I mean, I’ve kinda considered maybe watching Gundam at times, because of the more military themes in it, but I’ve never really been a fan of mechanized walkers; I’m a treadhead through and through, and generally see tanks as just more practical and generally useful.

        But an Ace Combat anime, while focused on the skies instead of the ground, would give me a setting and style that I’d probably like. You know, more of a military feel, without all the walkers. And on top of that, well, I just like Ace Combat as a series, with Unsung War being my favorite out of the series.

        • Ethan42

          Sky Crawlers might be something up your alley, I’m not sure. I’m really into futuristic and punk stuff like Akira, Cyberpunk 2077, The Warriors (although it’s not futuristic) and mecha stuff.

        • durka durka

          “turn Ace Combat or something similar into an anime.”

          area 88

          Or Macross for jets that turn into mechs.

          Gunmetal or battle engine aquila if you want a game like that

          Have you played ace combat 3 with the japanesse story line? There is a translation patch.

          There is an anime with mechs that is trying to be very reallistic like a documentary, the mechs are just in the background. Its called Flag.

          Gasaraki has mechs but its pretty realistic and military like.

  • Hawk Hopper

    I used to watch anime, but stopped almost 15 years ago. I remember seeing a steel case Akira DVD at Gamestop a long time ago, but didn’t buy it for whatever reason.

    So here’s the question: Are there any good animes or whatever being made now?

    • Ethan42

      I’ve kinda slowed down, too. I hear from Nick (from OAG) that Attack on Titan is pretty good, but I haven’t watched the anime or read the manga, though.

      • Hawk Hopper

        I heard people like Attack on Titan. I don’t know anything about it, though.

    • Disqusted

      That’s a really broad question. It’s like asking if there are any good movies or television shows being made now. And I have no idea what kind of thing you’d be interested in, so I wouldn’t be able to recommend anything. Just because something’s popular doesn’t mean you’d like it.

      Personally, I don’t look at anime as “anime”, ie. I don’t watch it because it’s anime. I just check out stuff that sounds like something I’d be interested in, regardless of whether it’s a film, anime, game, or what.

      • Hawk Hopper

        People ask me all the time what good movies or TV shows are out there recently (Movies: John Wick, X-Men Days of Future Past, Trumbo, Sabotage ; TV: Fargo, Justified, Dare Devil, etc). I ask people the same thing about movies and TV and usually get some answers because they recommend what they like. If anime is so expansive and hard to pin down, how can I or anyone else even begin to ask for recommendations, especially if they’re so out of the loop?

        • Disqusted

          Not saying you can’t ask for recommendations. Sorry if it sounded like that.

          To me, anime is just Japan’s outlet for telling animated stories, so there’s anime of anything and everything. What I meant was, maybe give a rough idea of stuff you like, sci fi, horror, space-themed, etc. Previous animes or movies you’ve liked, etc.

          To be honest though, people usually don’t like the stuff I like, and vice versa, so I probably won’t be able to recommend stuff you’d like anyway. I also haven’t been watching the latest latest anime, because I only watch stuff I have some interest in.

          I’ll write a few recommendations anyway, just going from what I have on-hand. Some of them are new, some of them are pretty old. You’ve probably already seen/heard of some of them. Some of them I liked, some I thought were okay, some I’m just recommending because I know they’re popular. My descriptions may not be accurate or interesting. Trying not to spoil anything.

          People seem to like Youjo Senki. It’s set in an alternate reality of WW1 and revolves around one person vs god, basically. That’s still in mid-broadcast right now. I was going to skip it, heard people praising it, watched a little and it’s pretty interesting. First episode might be confusing, though.

          Makoto Shinkai’s latest film, Your Name (Kimi no na wa), is pretty good. It’s about a guy and girl who find they’re swapping bodies while they’re asleep, and there’s a BIG reason why. Same guy made Five Centimeters per Second, which seems to be pretty famous. I usually don’t like his stuff, but enjoyed Your Name. It topped theater records in Japan for a few months.

          If you like conspiracy and time travel stuff, Steins Gate is good. Takes a long time for stuff to get serious, though. About half the TV series is about building up the character relationships and events.

          Time of Eve (Eve no JIkan) is a nice film, or OVA series. It’s a Blade Runner-ish thing about androids in society, revolving around a small, mysterious cafe. The film version has added closure and changed some scenes. Another film by the same guy is Patema Inverted, about a world where in the sky is another upside down world. It got good reviews, but I still haven’t watched it yet.

          Summer Wars is a film about online hacking on a massive scale, but revolving around a single family’s close ties. I didn’t like it at first, but it grew on me. A lot of people think very highly of it, it seems.

          Puella Magi Madoka Magica is about the dark side of being a magical girl. It’s pretty popular. I thought it was okay.

          If you like random comedy, Nichijou is probably good. Everything in Nichijou is greatly exaggerated to dramatic effect.

          I liked most of the Kara no Kyoukai: Garden of Sinners movies. It’s about a Japanese girl who has the ability to see/cut lines of death and does jobs to resolve supernatural incidents behind the scenes. Touches upon philosophical stuff, and a little gory here and there. Written by the same guy who wrote Tsukihime (Moon Princess), a doujin novel which was super popular, and FATE Stay Night, which has grown into a massive super popular franchise.

          Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex is really good in general. It’s about a special forces team that works behind the scenes for the sake of public safety and a better society, in a near-future world where people have cyberbrains and deal with the hacking that comes with the technology. Lots of political and philosophical stuff.

          If you like medieval times stuff, Spice and Wolf and Maou to Yuusha (Demon King and Hero) are nice. They touch on economic and diplomatic stuff. I can only recommend season 1 of Spice and Wolf, though. Season 2 is kind of frustrating and not as good.

          I watched Chihayafuru a while ago and thought it was interesting. It’s a drama revolving around a Japanese card game called Karuta, where you have to capture poem cards that are called out. Kinda similar to Hikaru no Go, if you’ve heard of that.

          Book of Bantorra (Tatakau Shisho) is set in a world where, when people die, they remain as books that can be “read”, and those books are protected by librarians with special combat abilities. It’s kinda depressing, though.

          Katanagatari is about a guy and girl who journey around Japan destroying swords with speical powers. Visual style may be kinda odd, but the story actually gets pretty interesting. Liked it a lot more than I thought I would. The same guy wrote the Bakemonogatari series, which is super popular and has grown so huge that I have no idea what order they should be watched in, so I haven’t watched it myself.

          Dangan Ronpa is a murder mystery thing, kinda similar to Phoenix Wright (Gyakuten Saiban). A bunch of kids wake up locked in a school where they’re told the only way to escape is to kill someone else. It got a few sequel series that have to be watched in a confusing way, but I thought season 1 was pretty good.

          Death Note is about a guy who gets a notebook that can kill people by writing their name in it. It was pretty popular. I think it’s getting a new live action movie soon, or something.

          Some people recommended me Psycho Pass, heard it’s really good. Haven’t gotten around to watching it yet.

          If you don’t mind watching old classics, I recommend Ghibli’s Porco Rosso, Laputa Castle in the Sky, The Cat Returns, etc, etc. Many of them got remastered and look great.

          • Hawk Hopper

            I just watched some of Death Note. It started good, then got boring.

          • Hawk Hopper

            I watched 5 episodes of One Punch Man over the weekend and it was pretty good.