Open Discussion: March 5th, 2017
(Last Updated On: March 5, 2017)

Take a seat, relax and let’s talk for a minute. The second round of the OAG Open Discussion has turned up, and just like like before anything goes. Whatever is on your mind you are more than welcome to sound off and tell the OAG team, or inform other readers about whatever is pressing.

In this Open Discussion it is going to be about what kind of anime, movie or manga you would like to see turned into a video game — although you don’t have to abide by that and you can instead post stuff unrelated to that topic if you want. With that said, you know me and my love for futuristic stuff, I would love to see Katsuhiro Otomo’s Akira become a real game… which it almost did, but it got canceled before seeing the light of day.

Now I know a lot of people and hardcore Akira fans will probably tell me just leave it be due to some lazy developers wanting to cash in on it and produce some abominable trash; but the actual game that was in development some time ago actually got the greenlight from Otomo, which is a very good sign, because he doesn’t like anyone doing anything with his work unless it challenges the creator behind the project.

Whether you like Otomo or not, I got to give it to the man that he does not like to ride off the success of his previous work, but likes to challenge himself by making more original and daring projects. This can be seen in Steamboy, Metropolis, and Memories.

In addition to the above, I would love to see something similar to the opening scene in Akira, but in video game form. Punks and rival gangs fighting each other in a futuristic city where players are dropped in the middle always seemed like something that would be fun in a game. Speaking of the opening scene check out the original 1988 bike chase that was hand drawn, showing the Capsules fighting the Clowns.

Although I preferred the Kaneda and Tetsuo fight in the manga over the anime, it would still be cool to see something like this in a game.

Also, I like the music to Akira. It wasn’t typical New Wave or Retro Wave music, but a somewhat original genre of music that Otomo wanted, which consisted of Indonesian tribal chromatic percussion (jegog) sounds, Japanese theatrical and spiritual music, and European classical and progressive rock music. The only group that could do the above and satisfy Otomo was Geinoh Yamashirogumi, a Japanese group known for recreating different genres with a rhythmic beat.

My two favorite songs from the Akira OST consists of “Kenada Theme” and “Exodus From The Underground Fortress”. You really get a futuristic yet tribal neo-punk feel when listening to both tracks.

Anyways, this leads back to the very ambitious game (much like how Otomo always wants his projects to be) that got canceled some time back. I would love to see a newer version with the same ambition, but handled correctly by developers that care with today’s tech.

You can watch the unreleased game relic below by Evil Pixel. And if you want you can post up what anime, manga or movie that you would like to see in video game form, or talk about whatever it is that is on your mind in the comment section below.

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