Pako 2, Drive-By Bank Shooter To Hit Steam This April

A game by the name of Pako by publisher and developer Tree Men Games was well received on PC, iOS and Android devices. In an attempt to keep the momentum of popularity going that Pako brought to the devs, a sequel to the original is set to come out this April for PC via Steam Early Access.

The single-player drive-by returns with a sequel to the first Pako, and appropriately goes by the name of Pako 2. The game is all about driving fast, reaching your destination and getting away with your prize unscathed.

As of course, the challenge of facing cops and other law enforcing figures will stand in your way while you are going about your business driving. As an advantage to players, the ability to customize your ride will end up making the job easier.

“PAKO 2 is an arcade driving game where you explore vast cities as a getaway driver, perform robberies with your crew and shoot twin-stick style while escaping the law. Successful getaways reward you money which can be used to modify player abilities, and to buy new rides and locations.”

The game will sport handcrafted levels to complement the most risky heist and getaway routes. This means that there are no randomly generated stages that oftentimes bring glitches with them; but instead these are stages that the devs actually took the time to create.

Different missions will be present throughout your dirty business of robbing banks and shooting cops, which will be coupled by picking up people and transporting them to designating locations.

Featuring a soundtrack by DKSTR and visuals that are almost voxel-like, you can check out the game’s original Steam Greenlight trailer, which introduces what the second game has to offer gamers.

If you are looking to “Get in, get out, get paid” you can by heading over to Pako 2′s newly posted Steam Early Access page or official website.


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