PAX Australia 2017 Tickets Are On Sale Right Now
PAX Australia Tickets

PAX Aus 2017 is scheduled to take place between October 27th and October 29th later this year. Of course, to avoid any kind of clutter or last minute ticket sales, they’ve made it it possible to purchase tickets early. How early? Right now early.

They sent out word that PAX Aus 2017 tickets can be picked up either for single day passes for the weekend or you can pick them as three day passes. The single day passes are available for $65 AUD, while the three day passes are available for $165 AUD. If you plan on bringing your own PC to the event you can get a BYOC pas for $45 AUD. You can purchase the tickets right now by visiting the official PAX website. Alternatively, if you’re a developer feel free to contact the PAX administrators about a exhibit booth.

Jerry Holkins, co-founder of PAX and Penny Arcade commented about the PAX tickets going on sale for the Oceania event, saying in the press release…

“Melbourne has made every PAX Australia feel like our true home away from home; seeing the passion resonate from attendees as they check out upcoming games and connect over personal favorites throughout the convention centre is exhilarating,”

PAX East just recently wrapped up last week in Boston, Massachusetts. They’ll still have to get through a few more PAX events before they get to PAX Australia, including PAX Prime.

The Penny Arcade Expo is essentially a convention made by gamers for gamers. They describe it as a celebration for gaming culture, and that just about sums it up.

There have been some standout moments at the last PAX events, including Randy Pitchford, the president of Gearbox Software, serenading #GamerGate on stage in what must have been one of the most cringiest moments in the history of mankind.

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