Phantom Halls, Papercraft Horror Game Features Ash From Evil Dead 2
Phantom Halls

Incendium announced that Phantom Halls, the side-scrolling, 3D papercraft horror title, has officially entered into Early Access on Steam.

The game sees players choosing their character and attempting to rescue their friends from captivity in a haunted, monster-filled mansion. There are a variety of characters to play, and loads of action to encounter as you rummage through the house for items and attempt to make a daring escape while fleeing from the undead hordes from hell.

One of the selling points for the Early Access version of the game is the fact that it features licensed content from Evil Dead 2, including Ashley Williams, the protagonist from the highly popular series.

You can get a glimpse of Ash and the other characters fighting for their lives in the Early Access rendition of the papercraft horror title with the gameplay trailer below.

Throughout Early Access they mention that they will be adding more Evil Dead 2 content, in addition to Ash and his chainsaw arm and “Boomstick”. They will have Evil Dead 2 inspired quests along with other standard quests.

According to the Early Access page, they will have around 100 quests in total, and up to 20 unlockable characters that can be played.

Additional weapons, character dialogue, new environments, additional platforming segments and a Metroidvania-esque exploration system will be made available for the final version of the game.

They also hope to include multiplayer at some point before development wraps up.

So how long can you expect Phantom Halls to stay in Early Access? Well, they’re estimating anywhere between 12 and 18 months. They’re gunning for a full release at some point in 2018. The dynamic lights, the multiple playable characters and the papercraft art-style really helps the game stand out. It looks like a quality title that’s a bit of a mix between Maniac Mansion and Ghouls & Ghosts.

If you’re interested in the game you can add it to your wishlist or pick up a digital copy for $6.99 from over on the Steam store.


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