Phantom, Wasteland Survival Game Coming To Steam April 20th

Back in 2016 on August 4th came a game entitled Phantom by Chinese developers Phantomisreal. The indie title is a sandbox exploration game that is heavily focused on surviving out in a wasteland and constructing things from scratch. Phantom is set to come out for PC on April 20th, 2017.

Honestly, I was a bit leery about writing something about this game because I thought it might have contained stolen assets, being that it derived from Steam Greenlight. On Greenlight there are a lot of Chinese developers who will present something that doesn’t look half bad, but upon doing a little research one will find that the game is not original and that it holds a bevy amount of stolen assets.

To my surprise, and from the looks of it, indie devs Phantomisreal seems to have made Phantom without stealing any popular or stock assets from anyone. With that said, Phantom is a game that sees players surviving out in a wasteland as a robot, who must build things to survive out in a sandbox-like world.

The official description explaining Phantom’s basic concept sits below.

“Phantom is a hard sci-fi survival game. It is very different from other survival games; the player is a robot rather than human. At the same time the game has a pure physics-based construction system, which makes survival and fighting become very fun and different.”

A game trailer by the developers behind Phantom is up for you to watch, which covers a brief part of exploration, crafting, character customization, and more.

One more video also sits below showing off Phantom that stands as the official reveal trailer.

After the game hits Steam Early Access on April 20th for PC, four months later, for some odd reason, Phantom will receive a free demo for folks to try out. The demo is noted to go up on the game’s official website.

To learn more about this game you can either hit up its newly posted Steam Early Access page or

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