PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds: Tips And Guide For Beginners

Playerunknown Battlegrounds

One of the games blowing up on Steam right now is the Battle Royale-inspired game PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. The game is currently in Steam Early Access, and the popularity of the game has led a lot of newbies toward the guides and walkthroughs on how to get a basic understanding for survival.

If you’re looking for a few beginner tips, YouTuber Arekkz Gaming has a very useful guide featuring 17 tips for newbies.

One of the first tips he offers is to parachute out of the spawn at the beginning or at the end of the map. He says that this is the safest way to begin looting because it means enemies will either be at your front or at your back, but never surrounding you. It’s actually a point, and he circles on the map two key spawn areas you might consider as a drop-off point.

Another really good tip is using the forward button intermittently while falling from the plane to build momentum. This gives you more control over where you land on the map and a lot more variety when it comes to picking spots on the map.

As far as looting is concerned, Arekkz mentions that it’s quicker if you open your inventory and drag the items that you want to loot from the ground into your inventory as opposed to manually picking them up – assuming there are a lot of items to pick up. Why is this quicker? It means you don’t have to watch the pick-up animations for every item you retrieve from the ground.

‘Q’ and ‘E’ can be used to switch between left or right shoulder cams when aiming in third-person mode. Additionally, if there’s a red reticle on the screen while you’re attempting to aim, it means that your view is obstructed, so keep that in mind during a shootout.

He also suggest to avoid using the boost mode for vehicles because it burns through the car’s fuel. He suggests only to use boost when going up hills or to reach top speed. If you’re already at top speed with a car, the boost won’t improve your speed.

Alternatively, NasteGaming also offered up some tips and hints for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds.

NasteGaming offers some very useful beginner tips, such as closing the door behind you when you enter into houses or buildings.

His tips are definitely a lot more casual, such as suggesting people to pick up everything. He also suggests double clicking the aim button in order to precision aim for long range shots. For close range, he suggests using the shotgun, especially to clear out houses.

Another very important tip is crouching while moving to limit the amount of sound you make. If someone is walking around in a building and you’re above or below them, you can use the directional sound to listen for enemies and spot out their position.

Of course, NasteGaming’s top suggestion is to practice… practice and practice some more. The idea is the more you practice the better you’ll get at the game. Nothing wrong with that advice.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is available right now in Steam’s Early Access for $29.99.