Power Rangers: Legacy Wars Set For Release On March 23rd
Power Rangers Legacy Wars

The original Green Ranger, Jason David Frank, and the new Black Ranger, Ludi Lin, faced off against each other… in Power Rangers: Legacy Wars. The mobile game is due for release on March 23rd, 2017 later this month.

The mobile game is scheduled to launch a day before the new movie reboot heads into theaters on March 24th.

Jason David Frank and Ludi Lin were in attendance at this year’s Game Developers Conference to showcase nWay’s new fighting game for iOS and Android devices. There was even some footage of the game that was made available that you can check out below.

The game is actually a team-based fighter, where you can pick and choose which class of Power Ranger you want to play.

They feature the original Rangers from the first season of Power Rangers, along with the newest iteration of the Rangers from the upcoming reboot.

In the video, Lin manages to break the stereotype by losing pretty badly to Jason David Frank, even though Frank isn’t much of a gamer. He’s got that fighting spirit, though… and the heart of a white tiger!

Power Rangers: Legacy Wars may be a typical side-scrolling, 2D fighting game, but they also utilize King of Fighters’ team-based tag system. As showcased in the video above, you can put together a team of three and tag in and tag out as you see fit, in order to stay fresh and avoid losing the match.

Unlike the other King of Fighters titles, you won’t have a character step in per round. It’s setup where once your life goes down you lose the round, much like Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3.

According to the press release, Power Rangers: Legacy Wars will have a soft launch in Brazil and Canada this Thursday starting March 2nd, just ahead of its full launch on March 23rd near the end of the month.

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