Project Zomboid Promises Physics-based Vehicles Rolling Out Soon

Rejoice Zomboid slayers, vehicles are officially on the way! The last time we talked about vehicles was with the drivable car mod, but now, the developers at the Indie Stone have finally started working on adding cars to Project Zomboid.

The above picture in the Header looks a lot like classic Grand Theft Auto, doesn’t it? The problem with the car mod was that those cars were glitchy as hell, the 2D versions drove like bricks, and the 3D version only had a single car. But now, The Indie Stone has officially announced that they have created several different cars for you to drive with quite a few features. When you first enter the car there will be a radial dial menu that you can pull up to access different features and functions for the car, such as — switching seats, turning the car on and off, adjust the heater, sleep in the car, roll down the windows, and what looks to be a repair tool. Of course, you’ll also be able to run into hoards of zombies and mow them down, leaving a bloody streak in your wake! Muahahaha!

At the bottom of the screen there is also a fuel bar to show you how much gas is left in the car, so you will have quite a bit of control over your vehicle. Check out the below trailer to see the cars in action.

You gotta love that music! But more importantly, cars have physics so it looks like you might be able to tip them over or create pretty bad car wrecks. The cars will be available for both local and online Multi-player, but I’m not entirely sure if multiple people can enter the cars at once (I assume so due to the seat switching feature). But now, You no longer have to spend 500 years running from Muldraugh to West Point because you can drive there in style!

For now, the vehicles will only be available in the test branch as they squash all the bugs because the game engine is currently drawing objects in front or behind vehicles in the wrong order, so you could park on the grass and the grass is on top of the car, that’s obviously a big no-no.

The Indie Stone is still working on the new animations and 3D model files, so it looks like they might be shooting for a full release version to give us all the updates at once. 3D models, new animations, new maps, the metal working system, and cars in a single update, however, that is just speculation based on how they’ve been announcing their updates these past few months. Fingers crossed everything goes smoothly so that we can get the car update soon.

For more information, you can visit their official website for further details.

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