PS4 Pro Gets Limited Edition Mass Effect Andromeda And Horizon Zero Dawn Designs
(Last Updated On: March 26, 2017)

There is a limited edition PS4 Pro Design that has a pretty cool looking Mass Effect: Andromeda logo on it, and I personally think that it looks pretty amazing.

There aren’t many custom PS4 Pro designs out there just yet, the majority of the PS4 Pro systems you find are the classic matte black design. However, NeoGaf user chadskin discovered a contest that is currently going on for you to win a custom made PS4 Pro with the Mass Effect: Andromeda Logo on it. The console is a deep navy blue color with a white stripe going through the middle of it, and the top of the console features the starry backdrop of outer space, with Ryder’s helmet dynamically posing for the camera to finish off the design. Of course, it wouldn’t be complete without BioWare and EA’s logo stamped on the front of it.

Not a fan of Mass Effect: Andromeda? Well there is also a PS4 Pro with a custom Horizon: Zero Dawn design. This design features Aloy with her custom bow and arrow, and another with a giant mecha monster on the top of the console. The bottom left corner also features the Guerrilla Games logo on it.

Both consoles also come with custom designed matching controllers to complete the limited edition set. So what’s the catch?

If you want one but you live in North America, sadly you probably won’t be able to get your hands on one because it is for contest winners only, and the contest is limited to the European regions of Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. If you happen to live in the area and you would like to try your luck, you can visit the Mass Effect: Andromeda Contest page here, or head on over to the Horizon Zero: Dawn Contest page to try your luck with the second design.

These two designs seem to be some of the very first custom designs to surface for the PS4 Pro, so that makes them pretty special. If you want your hands on one badly enough, keep an eye out for them on auction sites, because the contest winners just might decide to sell them for a bit of extra dosh, which would allow other regions to get their hands on one.

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  • Taylor Layton

    I was looking at upgrading to the pro when a limited edition came out but… these both look like square oreos… 🙁

    • RichardGristle

      LOL holy shit they actually do.

  • Disqusted

    Watched a bunch of videos showing glitches, ugliness, etc. Noticed some things that I’d like to babble on about.

    First off, people singled out an SJW woman as the facial animator/animation director or whatever. No idea what role she actually served (lots of conflicting information), but obviously a single animator isn’t going to be doing all the faces. If she was directing the animators, she should have caught the basic issues and had the team fix them. But from what I can see in the videos, it looks like the issues go beyond animating. There seems to be modeling and rigging issues, too. The writing/dialogue/scenarios don’t seem great eiher.

    The morphs/shapekeys/blendshapes/facial poses look like they’re very exaggerated, as if the person/people who made them only has experience animating cartoon characters. Entire portions of the face move in concert with the mouth movements, which doesn’t look natural.

    The other obvious thing is the eyes are often wide open and don’t look relaxed at all. This kinda makes me think that maybe they didn’t make many facial poses. The eyes also lack focus, like the characters don’t know what to look at, which is really odd. It’s not hard to automate that, either.

    There’s one shot where female Ryder opens her mouth into a big O shape, and it looks like the edges of her mouth aren’t even modeled properly, ie. there’s huge stretching. That seems like a really amateur mistake to me. An experienced modeler is supposed to take such deformation/stretching into consideration. Maybe they never intended the face to deform that much, I dunno.

    Another thing I noticed is, if you watch the hands/arms of characters when they’re holding/gripping something, you’ll notice they twitch/slide instead of firmly gripping stuff. To me, that looks like they animated with Forward Kinematics (ie. from shoulder to arm to hand) which requires realigning the shoulder -> arm -> hand to keep “holding” the object. That’s why it keeps sliding/twitching slightly.

    When you want to keep a hand holding something, Inverse Kinematics (hand -> arm -> shoulder) is much easier to use, as you only need to direct the hand IK to the object to keep it there. A combination of both FK and IK is better for more control. Note that IK works like a “rubber band”, which can also cause twitching, but IIRC, not on the end of the IK (eg. hand, foot), only on the bones in between (elbow, knee).

    Anyway, this leads me to suspect that either the models weren’t rigged (ie. setup with FK/IK) properly, or whoever animated the models didn’t know how to control the animation rig. It takes a hell of a lot more time to adjust FK to hold stuff, than it does for IK. With IK, you’d just drag the hand IK to the object, then adjust rotations of the elbow/shoulder/wrist. With FK, you have to keep adjusting the entire shoulder, arm and hand joints until you get the hand in the right position. So I don’t think it was a matter of “didn’t have enough time”.

    Aside from these animation/modeling issues, the game looks to be buggy as hell in general. Hard to say whose fault anything is without knowing how Bigotware structures their dev teams, but it really seems like their staff in general is not very skilled. Or their management was so awful that they didn’t have time to do anything properly. Probably a combination of both.

    I saw a guy who worked on ME1 saying people who targeted the SJW woman are showing their “true nature”, but it’s to be expected that people are quick to blame SJWs when Bigotware has been riding the SJW bandwagon so hard. If they didn’t do that, nobody would be trying to discern if SJWs were responsible for the mess that Androgyna is.

    Of course, I’m not justifying targeting and blaming a specific individual (I’m sure she’s not the only one at fault, IF she is at fault), but it doesn’t mean people are “misogynists” for suspecting that SJW agenda, which Bigotware has repeatedly shown to have significant influence over their creative decisions, had something to do with Mass Effect Androgyna sucking balls.

    I think there’s another possible explanation why Bigotware seems overrun by SJWs. Most of their skilled staff seem to have moved on, so they probably had to hire new people, and you know academia and tech industries have been actively brainwashing people to be SJW snowflakes. So maybe Bigotware didn’t have much choice.

    • Excellent post. I forgot about kinematics… I haven’t done any animating with 3D rigging in about a decade. But yeah, you’re absolutely right. The only thing about inverse kinematics is that you have to be careful when working with the key-frames so that the previous animations don’t get janky if the last key-frame uses IK. I remember sometimes the previous frames before the last key-frame would see the character’s joints getting distorted. This could easily be fixed by adding in another key-frame and adjusting the joints.

      However, if BioWare didn’t use that method then maybe it was because they locked certain animation call-frames for the cinematics to specific key-frames and didn’t want to go back in and clean them up for IK? I don’t know, but you’re right that whoever was in charge was not competent enough to address or fix the issues.

      • Disqusted

        Could also be an engine limitation, I guess. I don’t really know anything about Frostbite.

        It’s actually kinda surprising that they aren’t motion capturing the scenes for such a person/drama heavy game. I’d imagine it must take forever to animate all of that stuff by hand.

        • Definitely not an engine limitation. Frostbite’s ANT system allows for all the latest in algorithmic and manual blending, including mixing hand animation with mo-cap animation sets, which is what they used for a lot of segments in Battlefield 3. In fact, they used 4D scanning — similar to MotionScan — to capture live performances from the actors and then blend them with the character models for the cinematics.

          So yeah… Frostbite is literally capable of exactly what you just mentioned, where they could have mo-capped the faces and then hand animated the bodies if they needed to.

          It’s basically through and through laziness on BioWare’s part (along with incompetence) that ME: Andromeda turned out the way it did.

          • Disqusted

            No excuse on their part then. Thanks for the clarification.

            I’m really curious where that 40m budget for Androgyna went. Obviously not much of it went into the actual game.

    • LurkerJK

      Im betting they have the phrase “Good Enough” is printed on the official Bioware working shirts, its very hard to find love in the game, only the ship design and some of the environments look like someone took pride in crafting them

      A lot of their problems reek of “good enough”, for example, the fluid animations when Ryder pours a glass during Peebee sexual encounter, someone half assed that, i would have just hidden the pouring with the character model, it would have looked better and costed me less time, someone just did not give a fuck

      I watched this one yesterday and it had me rolling on the floor laughing
      the “trailer” that starts at 19:10 is priceless

      • Disqusted

        That drink pouring scene looks like ass. It’s not even just the fluid, it’s also that there are no visible shadows on the screen, just a really lazy screen space ambient occlusion fuzz aura, which is really amateur.

        It’s such a shame because some scenes look amazingly well lit, but they get let down by the awful animation, horrible glitches, weird dialogue, etc.

        I also think the exaggerated facial animation looks totally fine on the non-humans. They could probably fix most of the uncanny valley stuff if they:

        1. Reduced human facial morph strength by like 50-75%. Real people don’t make such exaggerated lip/face poses.

        2. Fixed the default face to look more relaxed instead of staring with eyes wide open and a bizarre smirk.

        3. Added eye shaders with shadows to make them look more believable instead of standing out so much.

        You know that shot where the orange headed woman says her face is tired? Where the hell are the shadows in that shot?

        • LurkerJK

          Many animations don’t connect so there is a noticeable jerk when they reset

          Others are half assed like the revival animation or the NPC shaking hands or when you push off peebee

          You also have terrible camera angles in some cutscenes like when Ryder tells tired face that papa Ryder is dead

          Fixing that is quite a lot of work, which I doubt ea is willing to pay for, and then you have the braindead dialogue and phoned in delivery of many voice actors

          The game getting good in a patch is a pipe dream

  • Bitterbear

    It would have been so much better if it had the portrait of one of those robot dinosaurs.

  • PS4 Pro: SJW Edition.

    No thanks.

  • RichardGristle

    I definitely want the front of my PS4 to say “Bioware/EA” lol