RAID World War II Is Like Payday But Set During Nazi-Occupied Europe
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Now here’s a novel concept: A four-player cooperative shooter set during World War II. Now that doesn’t seem all that novel, just until you add in the unique element of it being a heist game where you sneak around Nazi-occupied territory to steal their riches and gold right out from under their noses.

RAID World War II is being developed by Lion Game Lion, and it’s like a spiritual spin-off of Overkill Software’s Payday series.

A teaser trailer was released to give gamers an idea of what to expect, and some part of me is reminded of Gearbox Software’s Brothers in Arms: Furious 4. You can check out the teaser below.

The game will be played very similar to Payday 2. The objective will be to infiltrate a Nazi occupied facility and attempt to destabilize them from within by stealing their gold, treasure, money and anything else of value within their illustrious compounds.

How do the four thieves plan on getting away with all of that stuff? I have no idea, but the screenshots seem to indicate that there may be some use of vehicles in play.

We see a couple of in-game screenshots where the four characters are engaged in some firefights in various compounds, but we don’t see much else beyond that.

Raid World War II

My biggest gripe with Payday 2 was the limited size of the stages, which were designed to accommodate the home consoles. Thankfully, Overkill Software expanded the stages when they only started focusing on PC, making them a lot larger and a lot more varied thanks to the glorious power of the PC Master Race.

For now, we know that RAID: World War II will come to Steam on PC, but I wouldn’t put it past Starbreeze to eye those dollar, dollar bills available from the PS4 and Xbox One. Details are thin, so stay tuned in fore more info.

You can keep track of updates by visiting the official website.


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