Resident Evil 7 Team Showcases Behind The Scenes Making Of Video
Resident Evil 7 Mia Winters
(Last Updated On: March 25, 2017)

If you have already played Resident Evil 7 and you loved it, then you might be interested in this series of videos that Capcom released as they talk about how they made the game, and why they decided to change the formula from their action third-person shooter games, back to a more grounded, first-person survival horror game.

 The first part of the series for the Making Of Resident Evil 7 (linked down below), mostly focuses on Executive Producer Jun Takeuchi and lead game director Koshi Nakanishi, as they talk about creating the main concept behind their successful survival horror hit, and what prompted them to go back and return to their roots.

Take a look at the first part of the Making Of Video as the developers explain in detail how Resident Evil 7 went from Concept to completion.

Director Nakanishi said that they actually used the original Evil Dead movie as a base, because it had a great compact story with very few characters, but was able to pull it off by having great pacing and amazing storytelling that had a lot of depth, using that as one of their base concepts, the developers decided to take a step back from what they had been doing in the past with their last three games, and start focusing on how they could move forward to make the series better.

Producer Takeuchi explained that with Resident Evil 4 they broke away from the mold to try a new style of gameplay, and they proceeded to expand on that for the following two games by adding co-op play, larger areas, and more action scenes, with each game getting bigger and more intense than the last.

However, the core fan base missed the original Zombie survival aspect of the game, so based on player requests and feedback, they decided it was time to return to their roots because it was difficult for the player to feel or experience actual horror using the established over-the-top action theme they had in their previous three games.

So what did Capcom do? They created a new style of gameplay by going first-person and utilizing the new modern day VR technology while also trying to keep the tone and theme of Resident Evil 7 so that it would feel familiar enough to pull in their classic hardcore fans, and the result was a new type of Horror game. The above “Making Of” video is titled “Part One”, so we can expect more to drop sometime soon in the near future.

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