Rime Set To Debut On PC, PS4 And Xbox One On May 26th

In a new post on the PlayStation.blog we learn that the game Rime, by Grey Box Games and Tequila Works, will debut for PC, PS4 and Xbox One on May 26th. The adventure game is currently in development as we speak, and will launch for the Nintendo Switch sometime during this year’s Summer.

One of the latest posts on the PlayStation.blog comes in by Raul Rubio, the Creative Director over at Tequila Works. noting some inspirations and gameplay mechanics on the site, he also informs gamers who don’t know what Rime is about with an update section in the post:

“In Rime, you play as a young boy who washes ashore a mysterious island after a torrential rainstorm. You don’t know what’s going on; you simply see a massive tower at the island’s center, and you feel compelled to reach the top. As you progress, you (along with a helpful fox guide) begin finding clues about what happened, and what the island’s true purpose is. There are a lot of layers to the narrative, and it’s all told wordlessly through visuals and music. I can tell you that it’s tricky telling a story without saying anything, but it’s also satisfying — it allows players to discover the truth themselves.”

Moreover, we also learn that the game will release across PC, Xbox One and PS4 on May 26th. Although I should note that the game for the Nintendo Switch platform will not only cost more due to the cost of development and publishing for the console, but it will also arrive later during the Summer.

In addition to the above, it seems that a lot of gamers are not happy with the price and wait of the Switch version, but I guess we’ll see what goes down when its Summer release rolls around.

The adventure puzzle game is said to test players and their wit with mysterious events on the island that the protagonist is stranded on. If the game seems like something worth checking out you can catch Rime when it launches on May 26th for PC, Xbox One and PS4, or you can wait for the Switch version this Summer.


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