Rising Storm 2: Vietnam Gameplay Surfaces Showing Closed Beta Wave 6

Rising Storm 2: Vietnam is shaping up nicely as the timely Alpha and Beta test sessions circle around every now and then. And from a recent video that came from the sixth Closed Beta, the game is looking like a nice hardcore shooter set during one of the more controversial conflicts the world has known; the Vietnam War.

Tight underground tunnels, open vegetation fields, humid and rainy weather, jungles infested with creatures like the Many-Banded Krait (or two-step-Charlie) snake and Mother Natures’ other deadly animals lying and waiting for the unprepared, proved to be disastrous during the time of the Vietnam War.

But that’s not talking about the other “things” the now old war was/is known for, which also includes infantry vs. infantry conflicts. In addition to the disasters faced during the war, Antimatter Games and Tripwire Interactive seek to focus on an infantry combative portion of the Vietnam War in an infantry vs. infantry (or PvP) FPS game.

When watching the well played and skilled players in videos you really do get a sense of tension and paranoia from the game. And with the now ended “Closed Beta wave 6” now over we get to see some up to date footage of Rising Storm 2: Vietnam.

The latest gameplay video showing the upcoming first-person shooter comes in by YouTuber PsiSyn, who reveals 16 minutes of Rising Storm 2: Vietnam and its current progress — during the now ended Closed Beta. You can watch the video footage below.

If you’ve missed the most recent Closed Beta session, known as Wave 6, you will be able to catch another Beta sometime soon. The date for the Closed Beta wave 7 or whatever it will be called does not have a date yet, but the devs did note that…

“While we don’t have a set start for our next wave yet, we plan to add many new players and put many new keys out into the wild.”

So this means that you will be able to play the game early sometime in the near future, if you want to see how the gameplay fairs in action or help the devs polish RS2:V. For more information regarding this game you can hit up rs2vietnam.com.


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