River City Ransom: Underground’s Rough Launch Addressed With Patches
River City Ransom Underground

The Kickstarted reboot of the River City Ransom franchise in the form of Conatus Creative’s River City Ransom: Underground managed to get off to a rough start when it launched at the end of February on Steam. Some gamers felt as if the developers should have held off until more bugs were addressed and a few other core features were fixed. Well, Conatus has been addressing some of the bugs and concerns, and releasing updates for the title post-haste.

Over on the Steam community page the developers made a post in as little as a few days following the release of River City Ransom: Underground, acknowledging some of the issues brought up in the reviews and noting that they’re fixing the game up and addressing some of the problems.

One of the big issues mentioned in the review threads was that it wasn’t possible to properly save progress when playing online in the four-player cooperative mode. The game would bug out. Unfortunately, this issue still persists, but they say that they will be fixing it as soon as possible.

Other issues addressed includes fixing a bug where New Game+ saves would revert to regular saves. They addressed where arena stats for characters would override the story stats when using the character in the training arena and you happened to exit through the classroom door. And they also fixed a bug that prevented uses from selecting non-hero unlocks in the arena mode.

Other bugs such as an inventory cycle bug, and a control issue where players would lose the ability to navigate the menu system, have also been fixed.

This second patch addresses some of the issues that were missed during the first patch. However, they still have a short ways to go before all those frowns turn upside down. In the meantime, you can learn more about River City Ransom: Underground by heading over on the Steam store where it’s available for $19.99.

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