Sailaway The Sailing Simulator To Hit Steam This April

A new game is set to hit Steam Early Access during April this year. The boat simulator game comes in by publisher The Irregular Corporation and developer Orbcreation, and the two seek to bring forth Sailaway: The Sailing Simulator to PC next month.

One of the many reasons why I like video games is that they allow people with disabilities, financial problems, or folks who are leery about doing something in real life, to do so all from the comfort of their chair via PC or console. I like motorcycle sims, but I’d never want to enter something like the Moto Grand Prix in real life or the Isle of Mann TT Racing. Likewise, that’s where video games come in handy, because those of you who like boats but might fear the deep blue sea, can simulate different events in a nautical adventure… soon.

This game goes by the name of Sailaway and gives players all the boat/sail controls in one sim to recreate any type of water-based situation.

“Sailaway brings all the world’s oceans to the comfort of your PC or Mac for you to experience the most accurate simulation of sailing you can find anywhere!”

If you want to see the game in action a trailer by The Irregular Corporation sits below.

Folks will be able to experience and simulate “in-depth” weather, wind and currents while the boat and its sail are modeled to give the veteran or newbie sailor a challenge. In addition to challenges, the early settings or modes will let you sail away while you learn the game, and then as you progress it truly kicks up the difficulty a notch when all virtual help is removed.

If you like to play with other people you will be able to with multiplayer support. You can invite friends to help cross deadly voyages or do some friendly competition in whatever kind of weather you see fit.

More information can be found on this game by hitting up Steam Early Access or


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