Sean Murray Talks Launching Randomly Generated Projects Via Hello Labs

I just couldn’t stop laughing while reading through all of Sean Murray’s “platform” in the making. Anyways, the human meme known as One Man’s Lie (better known to normies as Sean Murray, the creator of No Man’s Sky) wants to beat Steam Direct to the punch and create a new platform for indies, as well as new randomly generated projects/games. The name of the platform is called Hello Labs.

For no reason this article will hold random spicy memes of Sean Murray, so please enjoy.

According to GameRant who picked up on Ars Technica’s report, the former brings out all of the new highlight regarding Sean Murray’s latest project that’s named Hello Labs. This scam — I mean, platform will do exactly what every shady individual does on Steam Greenlight, except instead of making randomly generated games and stuff, the platform will help fund devs to make randomly generated stuff.

The disturbing part… I mean, the thing about Hello Labs is that it already has a project in development, and Sean Murray wants to have one or two more on the burner as the new platform moves onward. The full metal kek went on to say that…

“Making really neat, weird engine decisions, and letting them dictate a cascade of problems: it’s cool for me to be able to stand up and say to talented people like yourselves, we’re looking for that kind of thing.”

This was announced at the Game Developers Conference, and was later picked up by the latter publication site as noted above. In addition, Murray wants to continue developing new algorithms and randomly generated systems for both No Man’s Sky and new games.

During the GDC event Murray told the crowd that Hello Games is looking to hire. He also mentioned that he is “betting hard” on the future of procedural generation to further advance technology.

To be honest here, the only thing that I can think of when I hear Hello Games or Sean Murray is this realistic shocking interview that he had on this random show, telling people about No Man’s Sky

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