Shardbound, Strategy Game Coming To Steam On April 6th

Do you like strategy games? Do you also like games where there are a bunch of different characters from other genres clashing for supremacy? If so, Spiritwalk Games seeks to bring folks a new tactical-strategy, tabletop game entitled Shardbound.

You know me, I’m a huge fan of tactical and strategy games. I’m not one to play around with games that you can beat in one day and that requires zero skill; those games aren’t my thing. But if you are like me and enjoy challenging titles and strategy based tabletop games, I think you may have another game to keep on your radar, Shardbound.

“Shardbound is a Tactical CCG that combines board-based tactical gameplay with the depth of content found in collectible card games. As a Ranger, you’ll form a Noble House with your friends and battle other players to claim the riches of an ancient world.”

The game is all about collecting significant loot and battling other players for pure supremacy. However, as you play, you’ll collect hundreds of units and build armies to compete head-to-head with players around the world — using every skill and trick under your belt.

Positioning in this game is very important, same as strategically manipulating unit placement on terrain or topography. Depending on your location it will allow a you to use unique skills and abilities to achieve a clean sweep against any opponent.

Images showing the game can be seen below.

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I’m not a fan of Twitch, but if you are there will be a feature in Shardbound that will allow the person watching a streamer (playing the game) to gain access to that person’s Shardfall. This will appear in the viewers overworld, giving access to special Twitch objectives and content for players to complete.

Sadly, there is no video for the game just yet. The new video trailer is on Steam but it is not sharable yet, but until then you can either watch the trailer over on Steam or you can learn more about this game over on Shardbound’s main site.

Shardbound is set to come out for PC via Steam Early Access on April 6th.

[Edit: video footage is below]


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