Skyrim Special Edition Mods Bring Moonlight Sword And Dogs

The latest mods to hit Skyrim Special Edition has the Skyrim community exited. There’s the Lorkhan Moonlight Greatsword,  a makeover for pet dogs, and new designs for the Nords that changes the banner designs. Bethesda’s Skyrim Special Edition is out now for PC, Xbox One and PS4.

One of the latest mods to hit Skyrim Special Edition comes from modder FunkyGandalfCat. The modder brings the Lorkhan Moonlight Greatsword to the Special Edition, after it was originally featured as a mod for Skyrim.

A description for the mod sits below.

“Lorkhan Moonlight Greatsword Reborn is the update to the first mod I made for Skyrim, an famous weapon on Dark Souls universe.The mod features a complete remake of the Lorkhan Moonlight Greatsword, this time I bring you all the most famous Moonlight Greatswords featured on From’s games. Complete remade textures, meshes and animation effect of the blade.”

If that sounds like something worth checking out, you can see a list of screenshots covering the different variations of the Lorkhan Moonlight Greatsword.

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You can get this mod by hitting up NexusMods.

Do you like pets? More specifically, do you like dogs? If you do modder Tarshana has you covered. The mod brings over 80 new dogs across Skyrim, sporting familiar breeds and rare and exotic types. Each and every dog and puppy can be your companion, even if they are stray and out in the wild.

If this mod seems like something worth downloading you can get it over on NexusMods.

The third mod does not do anything that changes gameplay but only alters certain banners to look Nordic. The mod that was originally uploaded by Kebw1144 and later uploaded to the Special Edition by JDAnchor, stands to be a re-texture and provides new meshes for the majority of banners in the game.

A video by Ultimate Immersion sits below showing the Banner Designs of the Nords. If the mod is worth further investigating you can hit up NexusMods.

Skyrim Special Edition is out now for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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