Slime Rancher “Big Update” V0.5.0B Now Playable

The popular slime cultivating game where players traverse various landscapes to find different slimes has a new update. Slime Rancher not too long ago received an update entitled V0.5.0 that was recently hot fixed to V0.5.0b. The update brings fixes, new locations and slimes to the table. The game itself is out now for PC and Xbox One.

The developers over Slime Rancher, Monomi Park, released a new big update that adds more locations, resources and Slimes to the existing world of Slime Rancher via update V0.5.0b. The content update unleashes quite a bit of stuff, which a new cover screen for the game/update sits below.

New Locations

If you are bored of the current locations, there are some new areas to explore in the Ancient Ruins zone — located between the Moss Blanket and Indigo Quarry. The area contains new Slimes, resources and other secrets, while standing as an access point for the future Glass Desert update. The maze like place, Ancient Ruins, is said to be like no other existing zone, so it is advised to traverse carefully so that you won’t become lost within the twisting passages.

New Slimes

Coming in as no new surprise, there are native Slimes to the new area that are called Quantum Slime. It is said that you should keep an eye on the new breed of Slime, or else something might happen.

New Resources

Seek to get some new resources or fruits? Phase lemon trees are another new entry to the game via the update, which it is said that the new Quantum Slimes love. Only half present in any one of multiple realities, it will take a special binding agent in order to harvest the strange lemons into your reality.

New Collectibles

For the collector in you, there is a new source that can be found in the Ancient Ruins called Echo — or Echoes. These motes of light (not from Destiny) can opt to be decorative items, standing to be found in the many corners of the new zone, or extracted with resource extractors.

Slime Rancher is out now for PC and Xbox One, while the latter version can be further researched by heading on over to Steam Early Access.


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