Sonic Mania Green Hill Zone Act 2 Showcased In New Video
(Last Updated On: March 10, 2017)

Sonic the blue hedgehog, now a legendary meme, has some new things coming his way that will not only change things up for fans this year, but will also challenge those who grew up playing the older games with the release of Sonic Mania. In the newest trailer for the game we see how some of those new challenges will take ship in Green Hill Zone Act 2 along with a tease of a new boss fight.

The meme who is often associated with Smash Mouth’s All Star song, which is also related to Shrek (who is love and life) and a digitally distorted version of Green Hill Zone song, Sonic, will make a playable appearance along with Knuckles and Tails in Sonic Mania.

For those who like playing Sonic games will witness some new content upon watching the latest Sonic Mania trailer. The video shows Green Hill Zone Act 2 and teases a new boss fight that will appear at the end of said act.

If the first act of Green Hill Zone is a favorite of yours in the stage selection of Sonic’s universe, then you will be in for a surprise in that there are new mechanics, secrets and obstacles to discover. As of course stuff like elemental shields, rings and power-ups (like invulnerability) will still be present along with other collectibles.

Moreover, the game will sport new bosses called Hard Boiled Heavies. These enemies are in relation to Dr. Eggman (or Dr. Pingas) and his “new dangerous” arsenal, and each are equipped with unique skills.

The first of the memes in the making goes by the name of Heavy Gunner, who will make an appearance at the end of the Studiopolis Act 1 stage. It is said that Heavy Gunner is a large robot who can fly using his helicopter, and uses rockets to try and stop Sonic in his tracks.

You can check out a commentary video showing Sonic Mania and the Green Hill Zone Act 2 in action, which comes in by Sonic The Hedgehog.

The game celebrating the past, present and future of the iconic meme will be available across PS4, Xbox One, PC and the Nintendo Switch this Spring. But before signing out, I will always include a meme of Sanic at the end of any post regarding Sonic. So while I still have your attention take a look at this…

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  • Why isn’t Tails female or transgender? It’s 2017 Sega, stop the misogyny and transphobia

    • Cinj

      For that matter, why is Knuckles such a brute? He looks like he probably rapes women in his spare time when he isn’t raping walls, badniks, and men of the egg variety. So problematic.

  • ForsakenEagle

    Hey, hey! Way past cool! Chili dogs!

  • Bitterbear

    Sega does what Nintendon’t.

  • Cinj

    I came.

    • Ethan42


    • It’s funny really. Watching this video brought back the good memories, made me think about how good games were back then, and genuinely made me happy.

      Then when I see the Western cinematic crap with all the Social Justice feminist cancer in it today immediately reminds me how much the video games industry has gone to complete shit.

      • Then when I see the Western cinematic crap with all the Social Justice feminist cancer in it today immediately reminds me how much the video games industry has gone to shit.

        • I think it speaks volumes when I load up Super Mario World on a SNES emulator and actually find myself enjoying it more than a lot of today’s modern Western games

          • Oh yeah. Totally agreed. A lot of the old games are still fun, especially N64 titles. When playing today’s games the first thing you ask is “What happened?”