Spy DNA, Tactical Espionage Game Heads To Steam Greenlight

Shy Snake Studios’ new tactical espionage title, Spy DNA, is currently seeking votes and favorites over on Steam Greenlight.

The game is a tactical espionage game where players are put in control of a team of spies to carry out specific tasks using a real-time combat system with a pause function.

The game originally had a Kickstarter but it had a tough time gaining traction or momentum. The two-person team working on Spy DNA didn’t give up on the dream and now they’re focusing on taking destiny by the horns and putting the fate of their game in the basket of self determination. They’ve opted to keep working on the game even without the crowdfunding. Work will be long, hard and slow, but they’re willing to put in the time if gamers are willing to give them a chance.

They’ve taken to Steam Greenlight in search of approval to appear on the Steam store and they posted up a gameplay teaser for the pre-alpha below.

The game is set in the near future where players are tasked with assembling a team and recovering a super serum from getting into the hands of rogue nations attempting to create super soldiers.

The hook for Spy DNA is that the combat will be focused on realistic damage, utilizing loads of different weapons to take into battle, and making use of the real-time combat with a pause feature where you can direct around your units and react to dynamic changes from enemy strategies on the fly.

The real treat for the combat are the realistic behavioral mechanics for the weapons and the ballistics that lose damage and velocity over long distances, forcing players to have to think about how they’re going to approach each combat scenario in the game.

They’re gunning to get the game up and active in Early Access by the second quarter of 2017 if things work out well on Greenlight. They also plan on finishing up the game by fall, later this year for a full release. Whether or not they can keep to that timetable remains to be seen, but if the concept seems interesting you can learn more or upvote the game by visiting the Steam Greenlight page.

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