Spy DNA, Tactical Squad-Based RPG Demo Available For Download

If you feel as if there is a stark lack of tactical, active time-based role-playing games with squad mechanics and dynamic combat, Shy Snake Games have been working on a fix for you gamers. You see, they’re building a new tactical RPG called Spy DNA. We previously covered the game a while back here on OAG, but the developers have announced that a new demo is currently available for the game.

The alpha demo can be downloaded right now from IndieDB or from the official Spy DNA website.

You’ll need to free up some space for the game since it clocks in at 2.27GB.

One of the key selling points of the game is the realistic combat and the combat damage that can be dealt to enemies.

You can injure and incapacitate enemies based on where you shoot them, giving you a tactically in-depth variety of different ways to approach a situation. There’s also a variety of weapons to use and different classes with their own specialties and affinities. Of course, talking about the demo is nothing like playing it or seeing it in action, and that’s why Shy Snake have a video up on their website showcasing 15 minutes of the game as they narrate and explain to a newbie how to play the game, what the mechanics are like and the advantages and disadvantages of certain tactics. Check it out below.

The active time combat with a pause mechanic is very similar to games like Baldur’s Gate, where players can plot out their tactics in the pause menu and then activate the battle and see it all play out in real time. This forces gamers to have to think on the fly and adapt as the enemy constantly evolves and changes their own tactics in accordance to what the player is doing.

You can also make use of stealth tactics by equipping silencers and sneaking around, or you can play like Rambo and go in guns-a-blazin’. You can also customize and outfit your squad to best suit your play-style, so that the playability is only as shallow or as in-depth as you make it.

If you have the space on your hard drive and you’re thinking about trying the game out, you can do so right now with the free demo of Spy DNA.

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