Star Citizen Update Video Showcases Ships, Mega Maps, And Female Characters
(Last Updated On: March 24, 2017)

Star Citizen is still developing slowly but surely, but it looks like they are taking their time because they want to do things right, and that means very slow progress. The latest update video showcases a lot of new features that will give the overall game a better playing experience as the team at Cloud Imperium Games prepares to take Star Citizen to the next level.

I’ll go ahead and post the video here for you to see, but if you don’t have time to sit through all 28 minutes, scroll down and I’ll sum up the most important highlights from the video.


0:58: The Drake Buccaneer ship is coming along and preparing for flight, and has new weapons being fitted for combat.

1:20: The RSI Aurora is being revamped and has new animations and geometry, but there is no word yet when both ships will be complete.

2:00: Star Citizen is getting a new UI with “multi-function display” screens that is in development to give players more control over their ship and HUD.

3:40: The dev team is working on new missions, and going in more detail with the Lore and in-game History.

4:15: The engineering team is working on new shop entities ito easily stream in shops and object containers.

4:35: Shows the team’s new optimization system for better lighting mechanics to give the same visual quality but with less strain on the player’s hardware.

5:35: Talks a bit about the new advanced autopilot AI to allow you to take-off, land your ship, target enemies, or control the ship.

6:00: Is the new atmosphere container system to replace scripted atmospheres with dynamic atmospheres.

7:03: Explains the new entity owner manager system to take Star Citizen from a standard online game to a massive persistent universe that tracks all dynamic changes.

10:15: Shows more optimization changes for skin and heads.

11:00: Gives us a small look at the progress for Female characters.

11:20: Talks about the new dialogue system to track script lines, that way you don’t have repeating lines such as “I used to be an Adventurer like you until I took an Arrow to the knee.”

12:15: Shows us some high-poly Heavy Outlaw armor and Light, medium and heavy female marine armor suits.

13:00 – 22:50: Is a whole lot about Mega Maps for fast streamlined loading to reduce the overall load times in the game.

23:15: Some special thanks to the subscribers + a look at the new Free Flight system for subscribing members.


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  • Joe_Blober

    Squadron 42 (solo AAA) is going to be released latest mid-2018 and Star Citizen (MMO) probably Beta end of 2018 with many major patch inclunding seamless planet landing and exploring in 3.0 this year. Amazing from a team of 12 at end of kickstarter end of Nov. 2012 and budget of 6M$…. Good job CIG and let troll…. troll 🙂

    • Harvey

      You like how CR’s d**k tastes, don’t you? Oh, yes, you do

  • hurin

    What is the timeline? A 2018 release?

    • Nick

      To be honest, I don’t know anymore because I’m subscribed to their newsletter and they delay things or move it forward as necessary. If something is ugly or breaks the game, they completely redo it and make it right, so that takes time (like the new Aurora mentioned in the article).

      At this point though with all the turd games releasing… I can honestly say I’d rather have a game delayed for 10 years and release to be something amazing, then have it be a rush job piece of garbage that releases by its deadline…

      Of course… there is always the chance that this game is delayed by 10 years AND releases as a piece of garbage… :/

      • Domaldel

        I doubt that, it’s already shaping up to be decent with what’s already there.
        So it’ll be OK at least although I guess it’s possible(/probable?) that it’s not amazing enough to fulfill peoples hopes…
        But honestly that’s not required to make it a great game.

        • Nick

          I think we can all agree that even as an early Alpha, it’s already better than Mass Effect: Andromeda and One Man’s Lie. The alpha has amazing animations and the attention to detail is breathtaking. And that soundtrack…. It’s… It’s so beautiful. @[email protected];


    > Still pretending that this game is actually going to release with all promises made.