Steam Anime Sale Discounts Berserk, RWBY, Sailor Moon, GitS Series
Steam Anime Weekend Sale

Got a penchant for Japanese anime? Well, Steam is catering to the Otaku culture with a sale on all things anime with their weekend anime sale lasting through Sunday. This includes a number of popular television shows, movies, games and visual novels, all discounted between 10% and 80% off.

Over on the Steam anime sale weekend page they have a long list of stuff discounted and slashed in price that you can pick up for dirt cheap, right now.

Fan-favorite classic shows and movies like Sailor Moon and Ghost in the Shell are available to purchase, along with new-school classic animes such as Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress and Free! – Iwatobi Swim Club. The entire first season for some anime can be picked up in a bundle courtesy of Crunchy Roll for only $4.00.

In some cases you can purchase individual episodes for as cheap as $0.49 in case you’re not sure if you want to commit to paying too much for the whole season.

Even Western inspired animes such as RWBY and the Legend of Kora are available during the sale.

Berserk - Season 1

More hardcore anime like the entire first season of the Black Swordsman arc for Berserk are also made available, featuring all 12 episodes. You can also pick up the three predecessor movies covering the three arcs leading up to the new anime show; each of the movies are marked down by 30%.

Easily recognizable franchises like Ace Attorney, Naruto and Dragon Ball are also available, along with popular fighting games and JRPGs such as Valkyria Chronicles, Guilty Gear and Hyper Dimension Neptunia.

Visual novels like Nekopara and Clannad can be picked up, along with the Sakura series.

MMOs like Mabinogi are also part of the sale, along with Dragon Nest and Aura Kingdom.

There are also plenty of fighting games available as well, such as Skullgirls, Melty Blood and SNK’s King of Fighters XIII.

Heck, if you’re a big enough fan of all these games and shows and you want to learn how to view or play them while they’re using the native Japanese language, there’s even a discount on Learn Japanese To Survive the edutainment RPG that teaches you how to speak and read Hiragana and set you on your way to learning moon runes so you no longer have to deal with localization ever again.


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