Street Fighter 5 Devil Wings Mod Sprouts Up For Juri
Street Fighter Juri Hallowings

Juri Han seems to be the fixation for a lot of modders in recent times. They’ve opted to focus on giving her a wide assortment of different outfits, updates and modifications to her body proportions and physics. One of the newest mods for the footsie fighter from Street Fighter V gives her some devilish wings to take into battle.

The mod was made by TaNooki and is pretty small, since it only adds the wings to Juri. You can download it from over on the Mediafire page.

The Hallowings mod is only 5.23MB, so it’s no where near as big as some of the other mods for Street Fighter V.

The mod is pretty simple in its structure. Some pasted on wings sprout out from the back of Juri, giving her a devilishly alluring look.

The fighting seductress can be seen in action with the wings courtesy of YouTuber BlitzMightyN7.

The wings accompany a succubus-style getup, where Juri is donned in red and black leather and lace. Latex gloves pulled up to her elbows match the frills around a micro-skirt.

The PVC-style bodice sees Juri matching it with thigh-high garters and leather boots that stop just above her knees.

A red hood with devil horns helps add to the flavor of the aesthetic, and a little red tail is there to cap it all off.

It’s not the most technically advanced or evolved mod out there for the character, but some people who might want to spruce up their game with a little bit of something special for Juri can grab the mod for free. Sorry PS4 owners, only PC gamers will get to experience the HalloWings.

They don’t mention it on the page, but it’s safe to assume that the new mod is compatible with the second season of Street Fighter V.

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