Street Fighter 5 Zero Suit Samus Mod For Cammy Is Now Available

The very sleek and graceful Zero Suit Samus, from Nintendo’s popular Metroid games, is now playable via a mod by Khaledantar666 in Street Fighter V. The mod changes the well known character Cammy into the space bounty hunter. Capcom’s game is out right now for PS4 and PC.

Let’s face it quite a bit of people fancy Zero Suit Samus, even in titles like Smash Bros. where you can cover ground quickly with her quick kicks and graceful combos; although her attacks aren’t that strong she still holds her merits against other fighters.

Speaking of the arena and fighting game genre, Samus Aran is now a playable character in Capcom’s Street Fighter V. Catching wind from publication site My Nintendo News we learn that the Cammy mod (that turns her into Zero Suit Samus) is now downloadable, where the modder Khaledantar666 has a description up on his Deviant Art page, which reads…

“She is finally here, the long wait is over, Samus joins the battle and she is readier than ever to kick some asses. I put everything I have to make this mod, it wasn’t easy at all but I did it, this is my highest level of modding. I hope you will enjoy this mod as much I enjoyed creating it, I also hope you will like my next mods for this awesome game.”

Do you want to see her in action? If so, PC Best Mods holds a nice near five minute long video that shows off the Cammy transformation into Nintendo’s intergalactic bounty hunter below.

For those who don’t know, this mod does not change any of Cammy’s moves or her move-set. It is purely cosmetic and only alters the well known fighter’s appearance into Zero Suit Samus, who sports two different forms/outfits — one wearing all her gear and one without all the accessories.

Although there is no news about a new Metroid game, and it kinda looks like Nintendo won’t be making one as of this moment, folks who adore her and intergalactic space cleaning of deadly parasites known as Metroids will be able to learn more about this mod and where to download it by either hitting up or

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