Tetsuya Nomura Further Explains Final Fantasy VII Remake To Famitsu

Tetsuya Nomura recently took up an interview with Famitsu to further clarify all of the changes that will be present in the upcoming remake of Final Fantasy VII. The game is currently in development and is set to come out for PS4.

Taking a look over at famitsu.com the publication site got a hold of FFVII director Tetsuya Nomura, and goes even deeper about the screenshots and actions that will be present in the game. The site wanted to know about Cloud using the newly implemented cover action, which Nomura responded:

“In the story, in situations where you’re sneaking around, you won’t just be able to march down the middle of the path. The original version had random encounters, and such parts were in the realm of imagination, but since this title is seamless and you see the path that you’re infiltrating, I decided it was necessary for the sake of realism. You can use it in ways such as to hide in cover until enemy soldiers move along, or to throw a hand grenade from cover to annihilate the enemy. Of course, those who find it bothersome can just throw themselves into the fight.”

So in other words, the fighting will now have different approach mechanisms. I’m not sure how folks of the original title will take to this. But looking further into the interview, Nomura answered the site’s question regarding if Barret can also utilize cover:

“He can. While I can’t say any details just yet, there is a special element in gunners.”

In a recent story that we covered on this site the director, Tetsuya Nomura, explained some of the Guard Scorpion changes and what will be different from the original version compared to the remake. As of recent, he dives deeper on the topic of the Guard Scorpion and what folks can expect from this iteration:

“Rather than just ending it at that scaffold, we’ve made wide use of the space and developed a battle that takes advantage of the map’s characteristics where you’ll fight while switching between Cloud and Barret. For example, when there’s an enemy in a position that can’t be reached by Cloud’s sword, it’s more effective to switch to Barret. It’s becoming strategic in that way, as well. The Guard Scorpion will change modes in the middle of the battle and demonstrate behavior not in the original version.”

The battle with the Guard Scorpion was previously said to be “more flashy”. If you are looking for a more dynamic or different take on the battle with the Scorpion, I think you’ll definitely receive a new perspective when playing the remake. Speaking of the experience changing during a battle, we learn from the interview that the Guard Scorpion’s body will be damageable and can break down — like its legs.

Moreover, the site wanted to know about the ATB Gauge and Materia in the remake. Nomura responded and explained that…

“As for the ATB and techniques, those are for another time. Regarding Materia, what I can say is that it’s something like a skill. Different from magic, you can use it when you’ve set a Materia that has an effect that can be used in battle.”

The interview ended with Famitsu asking Nomura about the progress of FFVII, which the director did not go into specific detail about the progress, but instead mentioned that the team is making progress steadily and that fans will need to wait a little while longer to receive more information.

Final Fantasy VII is currently in development and is set to come out for PS4. If you want to read the full interview you can by hitting up famitsu.com.


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