Touchdown: Armor League, Mutant League Meets Rocket League Heads To Kickstarter
Touchdown Armor League

As the headline suggests, if Mutant League Football and Rocket League got together and had a violent, unruly kid with rocket launchers for arms, it would be Touchdown: Armor League, the upcoming game from Hong Kong-based game development studio Ares Games.

The name of the game itself isn’t anything special, and it’s easy to brush off this title because it’s on Kickstarter, but the promo trailer for Touchdown: Armor League is actually a lot more impressive than I thought it would be. Check it out below.

I like it.

It’s at least bold enough to be different. I’ve always longed for a good follow-up to Mutant League Football that wasn’t turn-based like Blood Bowl.

The sleek mech designs and over-the-top action could make Touchdown: Armor League something that fills a void currently being ignored by most studios and publishers at the moment.

Ares Games also knows a thing or two about saturation, given that they’ve come from the hostile free-to-play market where everyone is churning out as many cash-shop oriented MOBAs and MMOs that “originality” and “creative identity” are terms left in the waste bin of the board room meetings.

Essentially, Touchdown is a 6-vs-6 arena shooter. The objective is to get the ball to the other side of the arena and score a goal. Sounds easy right? Well, not when a juggernaut is crushing your tiny little power-suit into the astroturf like a chocolate candy bar crushed by a pram in a park during a heatwave.

However, teamwork and a deadly loadout of weapons can help turn the tide. Chainguns, rocket launchers, and laser weapons are available to help even out the odds.

Touchdown Armor League - Customization

There are different classes on each team, with runners, defensive players and offensive players each fulfilling a role on the field. The different suits and their loadouts will change how players interact with each other and the opposing team while on the field.

According to the developers…

“We took a lot of inspiration from Iron Man – the suits that Tony [Stark] designs – Armored Core, and Mecha culture. We combined that with football to make something that looks menacing, is protective and is extremely agile.”

It’s explained that customization is available for every suit, giving gamers a lot of freedom in how to create and modify their suits to fit their play-style.

This game really reminds me of Rocket League a lot. They’re currently seeking $50,000 to bring Touchdown: Armor League to life. And given that it’s being made by a Hong Kong studio, it’s unlikely that they’ll get bogged down by the American politics that have absolutely ruined so many other studios in recent times.

If you want to contribute to the cause and help bring Touchdown: Armor League to life, feel free to visit the official Kickstarter page.


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